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Coordinates: Surfing the North Pacific in Haida Gwaii with Mike Berard
Posted on May 26, 2016

Taaw Hill, Rose Spit. I can see Alaska from my house.

From the top of Taaw Hill, you can see Alaska. Every Haida Gwaii local you meet will tell you this. Like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower, you will be directed to Taaw Hill upon arrival. And yes, you can see Alaska from the top… sometimes. The storms that steamroll off the Pacific Ocean are the reason many travelers make the pilgrimage to this mythical group of islands and see very little beyond the lush, green forest they’re cloaked in. Brandon and I have lucked out, landing at Masset Airport on a barely overcast day in early April, a season not associated with clear weather. The sun broke through as we drove the gravel road into Naikoon Provincial Park. Passing by the empty surf and endless views of North Beach, we are soon encompassed by a mystical emerald forest. The giant hemlocks and cedars tower over the road, dripping with thick moss. Soggy, boggy wetlands fill the spaces between these ancient forests. It’s a natural welcome unlike any other. When we arrive at Taaw Hill, we park the rental van and hike the short-but-steep trail through parkland. At the small summit we peer out at the horizon, looking for a hint of Alaska’s shores. We can’t see it but it doesn’t bother us. We’ve come for Haida Gwaii, not Alaska. And if there’s any place that deserves the title of “The Last Frontier,” it’s this fascinating place.

Bdot Bridge in Naikoon Provincial Park

Words and Images by Mike Berard

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Cory Richards Summits Everest Without Supplemental Oxygen; Partner Adrian Ballinger Turns Back Hours Earlier
Posted on May 24, 2016


Today, at 6:34 local time on May 24th in Tibet, Eddie Bauer Athlete and adventure photojournalist Cory Richards made his first successful ascent to the peak of Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

The alpinist shared his journey with the world in real time through a continually updated “Snap”umentary series, #EverestNoFilter, alongside Everest veteran and founder of Alpenglow Expeditions Adrian Ballinger, also a member of the Eddie Bauer Guide and Athlete Team, who made the decision to turn back at the 8,480 meter mark Monday. Though difficult, Ballinger’s decision was a courageous one that demonstrates his astute knowledge and respect for the  power of the mountain and the risks associated with this climb.The team reunited at 8,300 meters to descend together and have since returned safely to Advanced Base Camp at 6,400 meters.

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Eddie Bauer Guide Melissa Arnot Sets New Everest Record, Summiting without Supplemental Oxygen
Posted on May 23, 2016

Eddie Bauer guide Melissa Arnot, topping out on one of her record-breaking six summits of Everest. Photo: David Morton

A huge congratulations goes out to Eddie Bauer Guide Melissa Arnot, who summited Mt. Everest for the sixth time yesterday, breaking the world record for the most summits completed by an American woman in history, a record she has held since 2013. Arnot, a professional mountain guide and high-altitude climber, is also the first American woman to successfully complete the climb on the world’s highest peak without using supplemental oxygen. While her previous summits have been made via the South Col route from the Nepal side, this year was her first successful summit traveling the North side, from China.

“This has been an emotional journey, to say the least,” said Arnot. “Everest is an incredible mountain that continues to challenge and intrigue me. I never anticipated that I would be lucky enough to summit once, let alone six times. Climbing Everest without supplemental oxygen has been a goal of mine for a long time. When you succeed at reaching your goal, it makes you reflect on the hard days, the work, and lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m incredibly fortunate to have this experience.”

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Everest No Filter Team Heads for the Summit
Posted on May 20, 2016

Eddie Bauer guide Adrian Ballinger at 26,000 feet on the north side of Everest checking in on the radio after ascending on May 16th. Cho Oyu, the sixth highest peak in the world is looking not so tall over his left shoulder while he checks in with the team's high altitude expedition doctor and the Alpenglow Expeditions guide and Sherpa team. Hourly checks ensure he and Cory are not slurring, are managing the cold and are remaining fully competent in the thin air. As Ballinger says, the risks are personal but it's a team effort to ensure they never cross a fatal line.

Few expeditions to the world’s tallest peak have generated the social media traction and following of Everest No Filter. And for those who have been following along on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, the unfiltered good, funny and brutal realities of attempting the climb without supplemental oxygen are both personally engaging and strangely compelling. We’re rooting for the pair and tracking their daily progress. The latest update from Richards and Ballinger is that they rotated back down to base camp earlier this week to recover for a few days and celebrate Cory’s birthday—but are now back on the move, at advanced base camp and targeting a summit attempt in the next five days. Yesterday, the pair appeared via the miracle of satellite technology on CBS This Morning. Today, for a recap of their first ascension to 26,000 feet, we are reposting their best shots from the past few week that they sent us via What’s Ap.

Eddie Bauer alpinists Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger staying warm in their First Ascent Peak XV down suits.

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Andy Mahre on The Low Pressure Podcast
Posted on May 19, 2016

Andy Mahre is one of the lowest key guys our guide and athlete team. But when you get him talking, he’s an interesting character with a deep love for everything skiing and incredibly thoughtful substance to what he has to say. Last month, during our annual Ski Week shoot in Revelstoke at Scott Newsome’s Eagle Pass Heli, Mark Warner of the Low Pressure Podcast tracked down Mahre between pow sessions and apres ceasers to get his take on a  wide variety of topics from his family skiing heritage and what it is like to ski in Japan to having a Junior Mahre on the way. We could listen to Mahre for hours, but this podcast episode dives deeper than you usually get from one of freeskiing’s most understated, but incredibly talented, skiers.

The perfect powder turn takes years of practice. Andy Mahre getting in deep at Eagle Pass Heli.

Podcast by Mark Warner, Images by Scott Rinckenberger

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Lynsey Dyer on The Low Pressure Podcast
Posted on May 18, 2016

As ski season comes to a close we’re catching up on the rapid firehose of freeskiing content generated by our team in the month of April. From Revelstoke to Alaska, our team crushed the prime month of shooting season, so much so that we’re still catching our content breath. One of the best pieces that went live during that timeframe was Lynsey Dyer’s interview on the Low Pressure Podcast. Mark Warner of LPP, who joined our Ski Week team shoot up in Revelstoke last month, tells us it was one of his most listened-to podcasts of all time and we’re not surprised. Dyer is an incredibly creative character and a good soul with thoughtful ideas about both skiing and the wider world. On the drive north to Revelstoke the LYA blog shared a memorable, insightful road trip conversation with Dyer, who is one of the most multi-faceted skiers we know. Warner captured that vibe when he tracked Lynsey down in between her heli runs and her quick shuttle exit from Revelstoke to another professional commitment in Colorado. —LYA Editor

Lynsey Dyer hiking for lines at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

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Eddie Bauer Revelstoke Ski Week on The Low Pressure Podcast
Posted on May 17, 2016

Last month, the Eddie Bauer content team and Eddie Bauer freeride team headed up to Revelstoke for our annual film and photo mission to interior BC and Scott Newsome’s Eagle Pass Heli. We’ve been to Revelstoke a few times before and the interior never seems to disappoint, but what was unique about this trip was having Mark Warner of the Low Pressure Podcast along to provide an inside perspective. Our team shoots and content missions are always a productive but intense experience, but getting an outside perspective on what we do provided a new window on our workdays. From heli days and hot springs missions to the cultural importance of Canadian ceasars, the LPP captured it all in soundbites from team members Lynsey Dyer, Andy Mahre, KC Deane, Lexi duPont and Wyatt Caldwell—and his dog Rupert—as well as from Eddie Bauer team manager Caley George. —LYA Editor

KC Deane at Eagle Pass Heli with RMR in the background.

Podcast by Mark Warner, Images by Scott Rinckenberger

The team, ready to tee off during Eddie Bauer Ski Week in Revelstoke.

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