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Drew Tabke Reflects on Expectations and Reality at the Chamonix Freeride World Tour
Posted on February 9, 2016

Eddie Bauer freeskier Drew Tabke just completed the first two stops of this year’s Freeride World Tour, earning two 11th place finishes in Andorra and Chamonix. Before he headed south on his midwinter World Tour break, Tabke checked in with an essay on expectations and reality in one of the world’s biggest freeride venues. —LYA Editor

Approach to the start gate at the FWT Chamonix P: J Bernard

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Lexi du Pont Earns a Podium Finish at Red Bull Cold Rush in Revelstoke
Posted on February 8, 2016

Eddie Bauer freeskier Lexi du Pont dropped in against the best in the business at Red Bull Cold Rush last week and earned a third place podium finish in the marquee rider-driven event. Revelstoke Mountain Resort played host to the 2016 Red Bull Cold Rush, a freeskiing competition like no other.  A constant stream of storms kept  the schedule shifting, but the Big Mountain Lines portion went down in North Bowl on Wednesday, followed by a heli bump out to The Cliffs venue on Thursday. Heavy snowfall and limited visibility shut down the Slopestyle Comp on Friday, but we were on scene to watch Eddie Bauer skier Lexi duPont charge in low-vis conditions. Lexi sent a super stylish second line on “Spilled Milk” during the Big Mountain portion and kept it clean on The Cliffs to earn a top three spot in the comp. We caught Lexi in between runs and this is her behind-the-comp perspective on her experience at Cold Rush.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort's Greeley Bowl Venue, in the cloud, for Red Bull Cold Rush 2016 P: Cal George

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Drew Tabke Sends It At the Freeride World Tour in Chamonix
Posted on February 5, 2016

2016 Freeride World Tour. P: J. Bernard

Eddie Bauer freeskier and two-time world champ Drew Tabke once again laid down an impressive line on the Freeride World Tour during today’s event in Chamonix. Tabke, who has won the Chamonix event previously, dropped in with creativity, speed and style, earning an 11th place finish for his effort. We will have more behind the scenes coverage from Tabke on Monday, but check out his run in the replay of the entire comp below. The Flyin’ Hawaiian and Crystal Mountain local drops in at the 9-minute mark.

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Stookesbery and Korbulic Reach the River on the Irrawaddy Mission
Posted on February 4, 2016

Good morning from beautiful Dahangdam! Yesterday afternoon we finished the most arduous river access of our lives by taking the final steps of the 83 mile trek to the uppermost habitation of the Maykha valley, known as Tibet in Myanmar for its Tibetan population and culture. Today, even though we're going to walk another few miles upstream, the paddling chapter begins and regardless of the unknowns downstream, it's going to be amazing to take the boats off our backs and paddle in this incredible river.

Three weeks back, we highlighted the kick off for a mission of magnitude worthy of only Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry. It’s a one-way kayaking journey that charts a course from the most remote corner of the Himalaya, 1,200 miles south into Myanmar through stretches of river never seen before by the outside world. The objective—a first kayak descent of the Upper Maykha River, the highest headstream of the legendary Irrawaddy—is ambitious like many of their previous expeditions. But what is unique is that they are being tracked by Delorme GPS in a remote region that is completely off the grid.

The trip hasn’t gone entirely as planned with kayaks (aka windsurf boards) arriving weeks late via overland journey, injuries slowing their progress to the put in and complex terrain complicating an already complicated mission in a newly-opened region near the border with Tibet. It was an 83-mile trek to the put in alone.

For those who have been following along at home, via Gramwire, this struggle is not new news. But today we’re checking back in with the two Nat Geo Adventurers of the Year and posting a few of the images they’ve been able to send out via sat phone. We’ll have a more comprehensive recap of their mission next month on the Live Your Adventure blog, but you can track their real time progress and daily epics below.

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Thin Coverage: Behind the Scenes with Drew Tabke on the Freeride World Tour
Posted on February 2, 2016

The day before two-time world champ Drew Tabke boarded a plane for the first stop of the Freeride World Tour in Andorra we ran into him in the lift line at Alpental, our local ski area. It was a quiet day and the chairs were not yet spinning, but Tabke was testing skis and chatting with a few deep locals. We took a few runs with him in the fog and, on the chairlift, he brainstormed an idea of filming a behind-the-scenes perspective of what life was really like on tour. The result is brilliant and just like Tabke, raw and unfiltered. It also includes helmet cam footage of his incredible run that included a floaty, stomped 360 over exposure. We can’t wait for the next comp in Chamonix (with Live Coverage starting on February 6th) and the next behind the scenes edit from the Flyin Hawaiian.

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Julia Dimon Celebrates the Van Life on Australia Day
Posted on January 26, 2016

The beaches of Byron Bay, a hip beach town along Australia’s Gold Coast, where Dimon's travel adventures first began.

Everybody loves Aussies—and their stunning national landscape—but no one more than Eddie Bauer adventure travel guide Julia Dimon. The globe-trekking travel journalist not only chose her profession on a walkabout through the diverse and spectacular country of Australia, but also shifted her worldview after finding inspiration on a postcard tacked on a bar wall in Byron Bay. In celebration of the Australia Day, she’s compiled a recap from a recent camper van romp—husband and new baby in tow—around Australia.

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Bruno Long Gallery from the Freshfields Splitboard Expedition
Posted on January 25, 2016

Scott Newsome ripping down off the ridge on Mt. Barnard, with Mt. Mummery in the background.

Last week, we told the comprehensive expedition story of the Freshfields splitboard expedition—profiling the glacier base camp and big-line glory experienced by Chris Coulter, Trevor Gavura, Scott Newsome and Wyatt Caldwell. The video series was stunning and the stories were all-time. But the crew was also lucky enough to have pro photographer Bruno Long documenting the trip and, as always, his images were mindblowing. Today, to put the epilogue on the trip, we’re running our favorite Bruno Long images of the Freshfields trip in their full bleed glory. Enjoy.

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