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Singletrack Report: Road Tripping from Idaho to Utah with Andy Mahre
Posted on September 3, 2015

Sun Valley is famous for eight-million-dollar views, but the one from the top of Bald Mountain doesn't require a jumbo mortgage or a Sotheby's real estate agent. Photo: Shannon Skouras

Summer and road trips go hand in hand. For many of us, loading up the bikes, the gear, and all the other toys—then hitting the open road—is a summer ritual that is repeated year after year. For Eddie Bauer athlete Andy Mahre and Live Your Adventure contributor Shannon Skouras, that big bike mission took shape in an epic summer singletrack trip through Idaho and Utah. This is Shannon’s first of two reports on the buff trails, soaring temperatures, and stuck landings they experienced on their singletrack-seeking circuit. And on this last official weekend of road-trip season, we hope it inspires you to get out of town for a ride.

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Eddie Bauer Opens Voting for Conservation Alliance Grants
Posted on August 31, 2015

The dramatic Utah vista in what could become a the Bears Ears National Conservation Area or National Monument—an area that encompasses 1.9 million acres and includes Indian Creek, White Canyon and the San Juan River. Photo: Friends of Cedar Mesa

Conservation is a deeply ingrained value at Eddie Bauer and our brand is a proud member of The Conservation Alliance, a collective organization of outdoor businesses whose contributions support grassroots environmental organizations and their efforts to protect wild places so important to active, outdoor enthusiasts. A highly respected and highly successful effort, Conservation Alliance funds have played a critical role in protecting rivers, trails and climbing areas, as well as vast stretches of wild lands and wild forests throughout North America for the past 25 years.

Twice a year, Alliance members are enlisted to vote in an effort to select the list of proposals that will be awarded with a $50,000 Conservation Alliance grant, funding a total of $800,000 worth of projects that serve the greater nonprofit good of preservation, recreation, and restoration in our wild lands. The projects up for consideration are all worthwhile causes and it’s always a really, really tough decision.

So, as part of our say in this process, we’re opening up the voting to all Eddie Bauer fans, employees, and customers. With much discussion, we’ve narrowed down the list of worthwhile projects to our top ten and are asking you to decide how we will officially rank our preferred projects, which will ultimately help decide the causes that get funded.
We couldn’t pick them all, but we’re giving you the voting power to help us decide. Vote for your favorite project based on the voter’s guide below. All ten are good causes, but your vote matters, so log your choice on our official online voting page and please vote only once. —LYA Editor

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Ben Stookesberry
Posted on August 27, 2015

Ben takes a much needed drink en route to the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda.

A global expedition kayaker who needs no introduction, Ben Stookesberry has been the expedition instigator for more than 120 first descents on sections of Class V or Class VI rivers in 36 countries. He’s also been named one of the “50 Most Adventurous Men” by Men’s Journal and created award-winning adventure films that have thrilled at the Banff Film Festival. It goes without saying that he knows a thing or two about global travel, which is why we tapped him as the eighth and final member of our guide and athlete team to provide some travel tips and stories for Adventure Travel Month on the Live Your Adventure blog.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Drew Tabke
Posted on August 26, 2015

Drew Tabke, approaching Mt. Baker in his home range.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Live Your Adventure blog, you know that August is Adventure Travel Month at Eddie Bauer. Our guide and athlete team has logged some travel miles, but no one on the roster has been more deeply immersed in a global ski migration than Eddie Bauer skier and two-time Freeride World Tour champ Drew Tabke. He’s road-tripped through the Alps with the Russians and through the Andes in a questionable camper van, but since our blog is rated PG-13, we didn’t ask him to elaborate on the secret Russian dance clubs or the Spanish phrases in graffiti script on that infamous camper van. But we did ask him for his best tips on travel. This is his response.

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Eddie Bauer Partners with Red Cross for Northwest Wildfire Relief Effort
Posted on August 25, 2015

Stark landscapes in a region with more than a half a million acres consumed by the burn.

One of the worst wildfire seasons in history is now raging in our home state of Washington, as more than a hundred fires currently burn throughout the Pacific Northwest. As you’ve seen in the news, multiple wildfires continue to rage across wide expanses of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Montana. Alaska has already experienced the worst wildfire season in its history. The fires have destroyed homes and businesses in their path, forced residents to leave their neighborhoods, and claimed the lives of three firefighters in Washington last week.

Hundreds of homes and structures in eastern and central Washington have been lost to the 2015 wildfires.

In our home state alone, more than half a million acres have already been consumed in one of the largest conflagrations of wildfire in Washington’s history. Air tankers, smokejumpers, and 1,250 crew members, as well as 700 members of the National Guard and U.S. military—in addition to municipal volunteers who answered a statewide call—are currently fighting more than sixteen massive blazes in the central and eastern part of the state, many of which may smolder until late into fall.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Julia Dimon
Posted on August 25, 2015

Julia Dimon exploring Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. P: Michael Hanson

Julia Dimon has made her name and earned her living on global travel, with trips to over 80 countries and all seven continents. She does not shy away from new or strange experiences, and she has accumulated a lifetime of memorable cultural moments, from dogsledding in Greenland and running with the bulls in Portugal to training as a gladiator in Rome, camel trekking to the Egyptian pyramids, and eating deep-fried guinea pig in Ecuador. So when Adventure Travel Month rolled around, she was one of the first members of our guide and athlete team we looked to for some advice. This is her take on travel.

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Global Adventure: Sixteen Rapid-Fire Questions with Caroline George
Posted on August 24, 2015

Caroline George ascending a rope out of a boat to get to the start of For The Members (5.11c) at the Thai-tanium Wall, Thailand. P: Jim Surette

At Eddie Bauer, August is equated with adventure travel. So to inspire and educate, we asked eight members of our guide and athlete team about their experiences, and for their expertise, when traveling to remote destinations in search of active missions, from climbing and kayaking to skiing. One of the most keen travelers in our ranks is Eddie Bauer guide Caroline George. We are constantly surprised and inspired by how many miles she logs—with a guiding business, a young daughter, and a second job as a professional translator. As you’d expect, her outlook is inspiring and her tips are gold.

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