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6:00am, May 19, Nepal time – 28,700 ft.
Posted on May 18, 2009

Everest Dispatch #63

Jake Norton, Expedition Photographer (JN): Yes, I copy you Linden. Just trying to get in touch with Peter. I’m up on the South summit trying to figure out where they are. Over.

Linden Mallory, Base Camp Manager (LM): Copy that JK. Once you get a location on everyone if you wouldn’t mind relaying that back down to me when you have a moment that would be most appreciated. Over.

(JN): Yes, copy that. I can give you the rough position. I’m at the head turn. Behind me, right close to one another are Peter, John, Tashi, Tendi, and Dawa and then behind them, I’m not sure how far, are Ed and Gerry, I think Ed on the uphill side, Gerry a bit further back. Over.

(LM): Copy that Jake. Thank you. Any estimate on how far that spread is? Are we looking at minutes or in the hour range.

(JN): I would say more like minutes.

(LM): Copy that Jake. Thank you for the update.

Author: - Monday, May 18th, 2009

  1. DD

    It sounds tough. Man o man, We are with you every step of the way. Sounds like you are getting close.
    We are sitting close by our computers waiting for each update!
    Can’t wait to hear the great news. Amazing job so far!!!
    GL & GS everyone.

  2. jhite

    This is beyond amazing to me. What discipline and self-control. Of course, keeping everything in perspective, I’m in Kansas. Be careful and enjoy every moment. Toto and I are watching and praying.

  3. doverpro

    One hour ago! Wow o Wow! Please update frequently. I’ll be up late as my daughter just arrived in Shanhai so I’m waiting for word from her. We have about 3 to 4 hours to summits, it’s 8:30 PM CDT. Keep it up.

  4. T-Dawg

    Man, I’m holding my breath, watching this computer screen and with these great dispatches, I am like everyone else, like we are climbing up there right behind you guys! Keep going!!!

  5. charwaag

    Gerry: Congrats from Charlie In Boise!! It was great having the opportunity to meet you @ St. Alphonsus. You’re living my dream. Be safe & send me a postcard if you can!! Peace

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