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7:25am, May 19, Nepal time – 28,800 ft.
Posted on May 18, 2009

Everest Dispatch #65
May 18, 2009
Hillary Step … 28,800 ft.

Author: - Monday, May 18th, 2009

  1. edviestursfanclub

    Nice Job Peter. Almost there buddy!

  2. doverpro

    They’re standing on the summit now at 952 PM central daylight time if it takes one hour from the Hillary Step to the top of the dome. Bravo now get our pictures and call home on your Sat Phone. How is the weather holding up? How many climbers on the South Summit? Great drama.

  3. DD

    Less then 250 ft left from Hillary Step!

    How are their spirits? Are they exhausted or exhilarated?

    Keep up the fantastic work. You are making great time.

    GL & GS

  4. doverpro

    I wish they could send a picture realtime from the summit. 8:44 am Nepal time and 9:59 PM CDST.

  5. geodesy

    It sounds like Jake is ahead of or with Peter so we should heave some great photos coming soon. Keep truckin’ Ed!

  6. T-Dawg

    Way to go Peter and Ed! When you both get to the top you deserve the highest “high 5!”

  7. slippycaff

    Exciting! Good job all. Enjoying the amazing updates.

  8. kferstl60


  9. erstad17

    Can wait to see what Everest looks like from a Nikon point of view!!

    Jose – Store Support, Bellevue, Washington

  10. bgallagher

    Wow…I am so excited to see such dramatic progress. I have been following everyday for over a month and I feel like I’m right with you :) Climb safe…climb smart…and climb back. God’s speed!
    Lots of pics and video if its possible and congratulations on this historic adventure.


  11. Spence-Man

    Believe it or not, the First Ascent Team’s Ace videographer, John Peter Griber, was once a little kid. I know this because I was J.P.’s non-traditional babysitter (about 14 yrs old and male). Unlike girl sitters, I would… teach J.P. to crush a whiffleball… or wrestle and rough-house… or TOSS J.P. SO HIGH IN THE AIR that when he came down, IT BROKE HIS PARENT’S BEDFRAME. Ooops. In any case, I can claim — with an almost straight-face — that it was this early conditioning and working out that led to John’s extreme achievements. Or maybe it was ’cause he moved to Jackson? Anyway… I am Michael… my lil bro is J.P.’s pal Kevin… and we and everyone else from Sunset Lake, NJ who knew and loved J.P…. wish him and all the climbers… grand success… and SAFE RETURN. [please convey this to John – thank you]

  12. onerib18

    This is the most exciting concept I’ve come across in a long time. So happy this expedition is being made available realtime, online.

  13. bgallagher

    Any word from the top of the world??
    10:16 MST (Alberta Rocky Mountain time)


  14. EJD

    All are safely on top !!!

  15. EJD

    From RMI:

    New Everest Dispatch Posted!

    * Peter, Ed, Jake, John & Gerry reach the summit of Mount Everest!

    * Two new videos from their ascent.

  16. Erika Whittaker

    I just want to thank all of you for supporting this Expedition with your enthusiasm and positive energy. Please keep it up for the second summit team (as well as all the other climbers) and don’t stop sending your wishes, thoughts, prayers… until everybody is back to BC and home safe with their loved ones.

  17. Spence-Man

    If you google for current news involving Everest… you’ll see a report that likely explains the delay we’re experiencing in reports from the team. Although it appears that the First Ascent team is okay, a sad drama apparently unfolded in front of them right at the summit: a Chinese climber from a team of… I think it was 12… summited, but suffered very-rapid deterioration due to altitude (of course)… and despite everyone’s desparate efforts, he couldn’t be helped, nor rescued. Rest in peace, summiter.

  18. DD

    Fantastic! Fantastic! Just Brilliant!
    Top of the World Congrat’s to everyone there! Everyone!
    To you and your famlies and friends, you are a very special Team. We thank you for letting us experience a part of how incredible your/our world is!
    Truly Incredible.
    Thank you for a very memorable Monday.
    So, you’re a third finished. May your climb down be safe and your Journey home be fast.
    Again, thank you to all that allowed us to be a part of this in some small way.
    Cheers All!
    Good Luck & God Speed

  19. bgallagher

    We all hope Erica that the two teams reach the top and return to their families safely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this historic day for your family and all the other families who watch their loved ones make history. Peter can be very proud of his accomplishment as he joins the Everest summit club with his father. I have enjoyed this adventure so much and I thank them for this fantastic coverage.


  20. bgallagher

    I found this on RMI website.
    Congratulations First Ascent teams


  21. sunis

    Way to go!

  22. bgallagher

    A new clip has been posted on RMI website. The team summitted and has safely desended to at least camp 4 and is headed for camp 2 I believe. I’m not really sure because the news is very sparse. I hope we get some new stuff here on this website.
    Congratulations ‘First Accent’ you did it! Wow.

    BG :)

  23. bgallagher

    Please excuse my accent of ‘Ascent’.
    Where are the teams now…any word about updates to this site? Did Eddie Bauer ever get off Mt. Everest? :)
    I didn’t see anything new on the RMI website this morning, other than that they all made it safe to camp 4 on the descent.

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