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Viesturs, Whittaker and Team – 29,035 ft.
Posted on May 18, 2009

Everest Dispatch #66
May 18, 2009
Everest Summit….29,035 ft.

Author: - Monday, May 18th, 2009

  1. p8itblk

    Nice job guys! All of us here at R379 are cheering you on!

  2. AhealyDSnine

    Congratulations. Safe travels home.

  3. T-Dawg

    You made it! Way to go! Remember that winning pose, now.
    I’m proud to be an Eddie Bauer associate in this great moment of time. Peter and Ed you are our heros here at R-400!

  4. MonicaPB

    Congratulations First Ascent! Great job and good to know another Whittaker is on top of the world. Safe return guys!

  5. Kevin8020

    Congratulations to everyone who summited today! Have a safe return! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us back at home!

  6. edviestursfanclub


  7. GregC

    Way to go! Safe return.

  8. DD

    1/3 finished. Climb down Safe. Get Home fast!
    We are still pulling for the second team!
    Good Luck & God Speed

    To all involved thank you for letting us experience this. Truly incredible.
    Humbled and Grateful

  9. tvanders

    Congratulations to all, including all the support staff and those who allow us at home to follow along. Much appreciated! Dream of one day having the same opportunity. Safe descent and journey home! All the best in the future!

  10. yeseron

    awesome news guys! congrats… Ed nice going without O’s

    what’s the traffic like?

  11. Ray Cheatham

    Amazing job! I have been following your progress all day (and from the first post on this blog). Thanks for sharing this with all of us. This blog has been great.

    But remember, as Ed would say: “…getting down is mandatory.” So be careful. I look forward to your safe return to BC. I, like many others wish that I could be there to greet you with cheers (and a nice Coke) as you enter camp.

    Best of luck ti Dave, Seth, Melissa, and Erica as they make their summit push in the coming days.

    Again, I and the entire team at Eddie Bauer at University Mall in Orem, Utah congratulate the entire First Ascent team.

  12. annecipolla

    Congrats.. It has been very exciting listening and watching your journey up the big hill.
    I feel like I was up there with you. Remember you are only 1/2 done- safe descent.Get ready to cheer the next team heading up…

  13. SherieSzubski

    OMG! So amazing Peter! Congratulations to you and team. What a proud moment. Safe travels home…Sherie.

  14. slippycaff

    Well done all. Safe return.

  15. candycorpus

    Great job you guys. Safe travel back home. The eddie bauer team at San Francisco, CA wanted to say that we are all proud of you. Take care!!!

  16. walkerskyranch

    I am in AWE… way to go!! Safe return!!

  17. roblesser

    A special shout out to Gerry! 2x in 2 years. Not bad for a paddle jockey. Your many friends here in Idaho send their deepest congratulations. Just make it safely down for that special date in June. Below the rarefied air it’s Lochsa season in the water world. Hope to have you with us soon.

  18. jgemza

    From Seattle…Outstanding, Congratulations First Ascent Team! This has been amazing to follow.
    Have a safe descent to BC.

  19. kferstl60

    Well done guys! Well done! R375 Wichita, Kanas will be celebrating this victory as well as all of the victories to come for Whittaker Mountaineering and Eddie Bauer!!!

    Peter, Uncle Jim is beaming ear to ear….I can just feel it!

  20. Shaman

    Just seen the feed. Fantastic News! Congratulations and well done. Standing in the domain of the Eagle from the tallest Apu on earth. Global vision at the top of the world. May your feet walk with certainty on the journey home.

  21. missmari0205

    Congratulations Guys! We are so proud of you! All of us at R867 Vacaville, Ca…. have been following you and wish you a safe trip home!

  22. Airwuf

    Awesome job first in the climbing and second in the dispatching. This has been an amazing month. Congratulations and kudos to all the First Ascent Team from all of us here in Gold Canyon, AZ

  23. chadpeek

    Great Job and Congratulations FA Team!!! All of you (climbers, sherpas, support staff) are an inspiration. I have a new group of heros to draw inspiration from and tell my kids about. Thanks and have a safe descent.

  24. geodesy

    Great job! Congratulations to all. Go Dave and Team 2!

  25. ksmith

    Amazing adventure! Great Job. The team at R88 has been watching closely. Eddie Bauer himself would be happy to know he’s represented on top of the world again! We are proud of all of you.

  26. kimcobeaga

    Congrats guys from all of us at R250 in the great state of Nevada. We have enjoyed following your journey and are pulling for the second team. Eddie would be beaming from ear to ear. Be safe on your descent. Awesome job!

  27. hikerqueen

    Incredible journey!!! Wahooooo!!! I’ve been following the expedition since inception. Glad to see another Whittaker on the summit. Congratulations to all of you on an amazing accomplishment. Get back to base camp safely. God speed. Hikerqueen from Goshen, NY

  28. Ahelsing

    Congratulations to all of you here from Finland! Excellent job and awesome blog! Get down safe!

  29. GB

    NOW that was exciting to follow! Congrats. Gail

  30. bgallagher

    Great job Yanks and Sherpas, this is what rises all of humanity to a higher level achievment and acomplishment. Its been very exciting and inspirational for me, as I know that this is not easy or with out the sheer desire to succeed.
    Congratulations from me in the ‘Alberta mountain standard time zone’ in the foothills of the Canadian Rookies!! :) :)

    Stay safe and bring us back that feeling of pride!


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