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Peter Whittaker’s Dispatch from the Top of the World
Posted on May 20, 2009

Everest Dispatch #70
May 20, 2009 PM
Everest Summit … 29,035 ft.

Peter and Ed back at Basecamp after the summit.

Author: - Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

  1. jamiemcginnis

    Nice job Ed & Peter!!! Glad you & the team are both back in BC, safe & sound. Great video and pics. Unbelievable.

  2. Debra Waterfall

    Congrats Peter and Ed!!! That video in HD almost kicked in the vertigo. Awesome climbing! Stay safe.

  3. kirstiscott

    Congrats on a successful climb and safe return! It’s been great having you take us along for the trip!

  4. richdickson

    Absolutely Amazing..

  5. edviestursfanclub

    Lookin good guys. Peter, love the new hairdo

  6. NickEwing

    Great job Peter, Ed and the entire First Ascent team from R895!!!!

  7. jody

    Great job Ed, Peter, Jake! Awesome pics. Have a safe trip back

  8. doverpro

    Congrats Ed. Your fingers are all there but a little pale in color. You always said that you have all your fingers and toes!

    Congratulations again. You’re an inspiration to us all. Now back help get the rest up and back!

  9. T-Dawg

    Way to go Peter and Ed! Made it down was mandatory and you both did it. Time to hit the showers and enjoy some R. & R. and suck in some of that nice thick air.

  10. lee.fenyves

    Congratulations Peter and Ed! Peter – so happy for you for making the summit and having a successful climb. Look forward to hooking up with you in the not to distant future to hear stories and catch up.

  11. DD

    Ed & Peter and the rest of the team!

    You all are ROCKSTARS! Congrat’s!
    And thank you for letting us be a part of it in our own small way.


    You may have had the quote of the year.

    “It’s a really, really good night to go for a walk to the top of the world”

    Now, that kicks A@@!!!

    Trying to get it on ESPN / PTI !

  12. sunis

    Great job, thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!

  13. Dan Osterfeld

    Congratulations on another successful summit. It is great to be able to follow the teams throughout the entire journey. Now we hope that Team Hahn summits and gets down safely. Then all go and have a pizza at Fire and Ice. As others have said, you guys are inspiration to all of the rest of us.

  14. bgallagher

    Great acheivment Peter, Ed, Jake and the rest of the team. Its been an absolute thrill to follow this expedition. Everyone made it down which is just fantastic. Come and vist the Eddie Bauer store in Red Deer, Alberta, so I can shake your hands. Great to see Dave Hahn and his team spike the top as well, he really put in a super hard and fast climb. Mr.Hahn is a real super hero in my books.

    Best of luck in your journeys home.


  15. TedDurham

    Fantastic Pete, great to see you following in the traditions of your dad and uncle. What a marvelous achievement for a Lakewood boy. I remember shopping at the family store Whittakers Chalet on 6th Ave as a boy. You make us proud.

  16. TedDurham

    Great job guys, in my previous addition, I should have put that Whittakers was at the old Villa Plaza, sorry for the slipup Pete.

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