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Dave Confirms Midnight (Nepal Time) Departure for Summit Push
Posted on May 22, 2009

Everest Dispatch #78
10:00pm May 22 Nepal Time
26,000 ft

Dave Hahn

Linden Mallory, Base Camp Manager (LM):  Go ahead Dave this is base.

Dave Hahn (DH): Base camp. So it’s 10 p.m. We’re awake and our stoves are going. I think we are going to go ahead with the “walking at midnight” plan. We still got wind here but here at the South Col it’s maybe 15[mph] at the moment. Doesn’t appear to be any cloud caps on the summit. No high clouds. We got stars and like I said winds are about 15[mph] at the Col. Over.

(LM): Copy that Dave. Well good news. We’ll keep our fingers crossed down here that it remains that way and let’s plan on chatting when you guys are ready to walk. Over.

(DH): Alright. There are a number of people ready to walk right now from other groups and some are starting out and that’s according to plan. Get them out in front of us and see what they find on the triangular face as far as winds, etc. Over.

(LM): Copy that Dave. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Over.

(DH): Okay. Everybody seems to be doing well and time for some eating and drinking for the next hour or so.


Author: - Friday, May 22nd, 2009

  1. gulex

    Be carefully Dave
    I wish good weather condition safe climb

    Good luck ,For Melissa and everybody

    Levente R. Lokody

  2. climbabout

    Godspeed Dave and co.
    Tim Jones

  3. geodesy

    Great near real time coverage. Sounds like everyone at Camp IV is heading out – AAI, Asian Trekking and FA. Safe summit and safe down to all.

  4. ksmith

    We are with you up there in spirit. Hope traffic is manageable. We will be watching. Safe travels to the whole crew.

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