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High Winds are a Concern for Team Hahn at South Col
Posted on May 22, 2009

Everest Dispatch #76
5:00pm May 22 Nepal Time

Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn (DH) Hey Linden, can you read me up there okay?

Linden Mallory, Base Camp Manager (LM): Hey Dave, I can read you loud and clear, how are weather conditions up there?

(DH): We’ve still got a good strong wind here at the Col, looking up at Mount Everest winds are still raking the balcony of the south summit, the south east ridge but on the good side the cloud cap just a little off the in the last 15-20 minutes, so no cloud cap on Lhotse, no cloud cap on Everest at the moment, over.

(LM): Copy Dave, what are you thinking for your plan this evening, over

(DH): It’s going to be “wait and see”, winds are too high now, in fact the winds are built up a little bit since the last time I talked to you, but we’re optimistic that the winds will drop and we hope quiet down in the night and we’ll be ready to jump all over that. We are definitely going gonna proceed as if we are summiting tonight, but as I said at the moment winds are too high for leaving camp.

(LM): Copy that Dave, what is the earliest possible time you would consider leaving if the winds drop, over?

(DH): We are probably looking at a midnight walk, over.

(DH): I do have a lot of confidence in our ability to move fast, but we need a little break, the winds that we have now are just dangerous, they just rob us of noses, fingers, toes. Everything is a good as it can be up here, and we’re just brewing up and starting to get some dinner in us. We’re not going to get much sleep with the wind blowing and we’ll probably be on, let’s say that the radio will be on at 8, but it’ll be on at 6 as well, over.

(DH): 10-4 Dave, we’ll be on all night and be monitoring down here, so give us a call and update us as of your status, over.

(LM): You bet Linden.

Author: - Friday, May 22nd, 2009

  1. T-Dawg

    Wow!! Good luck team! Everest can get feisty, but what drama. Thanks you guys for sharing the dispatches with us all. Have that summit flag ready, I know you all will make it safely and back. We’ll be staying tooned in.

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