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Team Checks In, Prepares for Potential Summit Push
Posted on May 22, 2009

Everest Dispatch #75
12:30pm May 22 Nepal Time

Melissa Arnot

Linden Mallory, Base Camp Manager (LM): Melissa, Melissa this is base camp do you copy

Melissa Arnot (MA): Yeah go ahead Linden can you hear me?

(LM): Loud and clear, how are you guys doing up there?

(MA): We’re doing great, Kent and I are just in the tent at the South Col enjoying some hot liquid soup and happy to be up here. Ya know it’s pretty windy and a little bit of some blowing snow, but they came in with and out with blue sky and some sun, so we are pretty hopeful that it will calm down for us tonight.

(LM): Once Dave gets up to camp 4 and you are all tucked in I have a new weather report for you over.

(MA): Sounds good Linden, we are just going to try to rest up here and get prepared for the Central climb tonight.

Seth Waterfall (SW): Hey Linden this is the South Col, Dave has called us and he’s nearing the crest of the Geneva Spur he’s climbing in the steeper parts and he was just trying to stay off his radio and keep his mask on. Sounds like he is making great progress and he’ll be at the South Col shortly. We’ll call as soon as he’s up here.

(LM): Copy that Seth, thanks for the update. We’re standing by up here and looking for that call.

(SW): South Col Standing by

Author: - Friday, May 22nd, 2009

  1. bgallagher

    Good luck to everyone on the team! Climb strong and climb back!


  2. T-Dawg

    Rock & Roll!! Get plenty of hot soup and rest up there. Hope Dave made it into CIV by now ok. We are loving the excitement here at Camp Rushmore, R-400

  3. bgallagher

    RMI website states the team is now climbing, they are probably summited by now. The news is so delayed its hard to tell when things have actually happened. Dave was promising more pics on this summit attempt. You can’t snap to many picures Dave :)

    See you on the top ;)


  4. bgallagher

    They did it “Top O’ the World’ 6:20am Nepal time. RMI has three updated audio clips.
    Congratulations Team Hahn its simply amazing how well you climbed and how quick. I love the shot of the climbers on top of the Hilary step. I can’t tell if its Dave’s team or the Whittaker group. Bring them all Back Dave..God’s speed.

    BG from Alberta Rockies time zone.

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