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Team Hahn leaves South Col for Summit, 11:55pm Nepal time
Posted on May 22, 2009

Team Hahn Summit Day Audio Dispatch #01
Everest Dispatch #79
11:30pm May 22 Nepal Time

Dave Hahn[audio:Audio-Dispatch-2350PM-052209.mp3]

Author: - Friday, May 22nd, 2009

  1. angelah

    To Dave, Seth, Melissa and the whole team, Wishing you guys all the good luck and best wishes in the world from sunny Scotland. Go Team Hahn!!
    take care and climb safe
    Angela :)

  2. Sayno E. Ville

    Dave: Be well, but, uh, does it ever make you wonder? Why are you heading up into the crap today in shoddy conditions with the B Team? Why didn’t the Expedition Leader put you on the A Team with the other pretty faces when the conditions were better? Is it possible the glory boys wanted to horde the media platform for themselves and not muck it up with someone far more accomplished than themselves? Think about it. I do. It smells really bad from down here and you look like a guy they took out on a ride for their own benefit, not yours. Nice. Remember this.

  3. DD

    We are wishing you all strong legs and weak winds.
    Enjoy the sunrise in a few hours!
    Good Luck & God Speed

  4. werxdesign

    Sayno: Not sure why you’re trying to dig some negativity into this. If you know the expedition they’re on, you’d know that Dave had a 17 year old client that he was guiding. She opted out a few days ago, therefore Dave is catching up to his group now after dropping her back at BC. No glory deal here about trip 1 or 2, he’s already been up to the summit more then any of the others in his own, and they’re all like family anyways. Go Dave, Seth, Melissa and crew! Rock the FA gear!

  5. T-Dawg

    Ditto, WERXDESIGN! Climb safe on the way up to the summit Dave, Melissa, Seth, and Team! Look forward to hearing you guys made it to the top of the world in the next couple of hours. Get some good poses down and hang on to that FA flag. God Speed and Rock ON!!

  6. Erika Whittaker

    If there really are guardian angels —- may they all be there with you these next few hours to keep the weather clear, winds calm, our friends (and everybody else up there right now) strong and safe.

    I will be pushing the “refresh” button on the website every few minutes again.

    Can’t wait to have all of you back at BC. But right now… Go For It !!!

  7. h2ofall2

    Team Hahn,
    We are on the edge of our seats waiting for an update on your progress!

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