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Visibility Good but Winds Still High as Team Hahn Prepares to Suit Up
Posted on May 22, 2009

Everest Dispatch #77
8:00pm May 22 Nepal Time

Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn (DH): First Ascent base camp. First Ascent base camp. Do you copy Camp 4?

Linden Mallory, Base Camp Manager (LM): Hi Dave. This is base. Go ahead.

(DH): Hey Linden. 8[pm] in the evening. The wind still sounds just as bad on the tents. I’m guessing blowing in the low 20s.

We’re out of the clouds and the peaks are out of the clouds so we are okay that way and I’m still hopeful that these winds are going to drop a little bit more. I’m going to wake the crew at 10[pm] and I suspect we are going to suit up and go for it. Sometimes these winds blow a little bit harder in the Col, in the pass, and we may be able to walk out of it under the triangular face. We’ll see. That could be wishful thinking. My preference would be for walking at midnight. Over.

(LM): Copy that Dave. Well we will keep our fingers crossed down here that those winds do indeed drop and we will be standing by to hear from you. Over.

(DH): Okay. Yeah, it’s still pretty noisy and we can’t get anybody hurt but we may be able to suit up in this kind of velocity winds and go a little bit and see if we get lucky.

Author: - Friday, May 22nd, 2009

  1. T-Dawg

    Be safe up there Dave and team. Hopefully, the Man above will hear all of our prayers again and get your team some good weather and give you guys a shot for the top!

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