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Behind the Scenes at Basecamp During Second Summit Bid
Posted on May 23, 2009


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Author: - Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

  1. tmo

    I’ve been mesmerized by all of this.. your efforts.. the photos, writings, videos, audios — the excitement — the whole expedition. Your sharing has been so happily received – thank you all.. God speed.. safe journeys to all…

  2. T-Dawg

    Wow! Thanks for showing the behind the scenes photos. You all delivered a great story for us all to listen and watch. You made us feel like we were right there with the team. We here at R-400 thank you all for the long nights and hard work.

  3. joegriffith

    You left the Dave Hahn team at Camp 2 some 24 hours ago. They should have been through the Icefall and down to basecamp long ago. You’ve got a lot of friends and family who are expectantly waiting for news about them, pictures of them, etc. If you have a comunication breakdown, let us know that. With no news, our imaginations run wild. You’ve been so brilliant with the communications so far. What’s Happening!!!

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