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Happy, Tired Team Will Overnight at ABC
Posted on May 23, 2009

Team Hahn Summit Day Audio Dispatch #02
Everest Dispatch #85
6:00pm May 23 Nepal Time

Dave Hahn

Author: - Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

  1. Erika Whittaker

    Dave, Linden, thanks for the update. It’s amazing how hard we are waiting to hear the news.
    What a great Team you all are. One more time through the icefall and we really did it.
    RMI what a great organization – I can only imagine how much hard work it takes to have everything run so smoothly.
    Big thanks to everybody on the Expedition.

  2. hulagirl76

    Congratulations to everyone on the team! Very happy for you Dave. If I ever were to be good enough to climb Everest, I would want a patient guide like you. Please be careful through the Icefall and think of how nice the thick (but dirty) Kathmandu air will be. So glad that you all were able to post such great updates, photos and blogs. This was nice to be able to enjoy being a spectator to adventure.

  3. sgchambers

    Congratulations to all of you – an amazing accomplishment and in trying conditions no less. We’ve been following closely from sea level in SoCal!
    Great job Kent from the crew up in Malibu. You were making the summit as we watched online from the SM Pier – how ironic is that?
    Safe trip down to all of you through the icefall.

  4. T-Dawg

    Great job FA Team on a fantastic summit run! Good luck on a safe hike through the icefall. Hope even though the weather was tough, there were some good summit photos. You all will have to mention what your #1 FA item was on the climb, when you all get back.

  5. doverpro

    A well run super modern high technology expedition yet still at the mercy of 1/3 normal O2 and super cold temperatures. It comes down to the search for commitment. I think we have witnessed a little more then that. Thanks for the ride and it’s time for a long shower whenever that is.

  6. bjakiela

    Dave, Congratulations to you and your entire team; what an accomplishment! I have enjoyed following your adventure from the comforts of my home and learning about your world. The photos are incredible. Wishing you all a safe return.

  7. Erika Whittaker

    I just got an email from Peter –
    Everybody is back at Basecamp.. YEAH!!!
    What a great Expedition –
    Thanks and congratulations to RMI, Eddie Bauer, First Ascent and all individuals involved.

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