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Ed Viesturs on The Colbert Report Tomorrow, July 2
Posted on July 1, 2009

Two years ago, Ed Viesturs made a promise on The Colbert Report. In his March 14, 2007, interview with Stephen Colbert, Ed agreed to plant a Colbert Report flag on top of Everest the next time he went. Tune in tomorrow to see if Ed made good on that promise.

Watch Ed Viesturs’ first appearance on The Colbert Report:

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Ed Viesturs
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Author: - Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

  1. Dave R

    OK, so maybe I’m being a bit too picky here, but (after watching the July 2nd show) when you’re on a nationally-recognized TV show, and you helped to design and develop the gear that helped you get to the top of Everest, maybe you could have mentioned the product and the company just once, Ed?

    And next time, make sure the Colbert flag is held to the side of, or below the FirstAcent logo, willya?

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