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Seth Waterfall Answers Reader Question
Posted on August 24, 2009

Written by T-Dawg on August 19, 2009
Hi Seth! What type of exercise plan do you recommend for the six-hour training day? I know a lot of cardio is recommended, so would it be good to do some cross training or just go on a extended hike?

Answered by Seth Waterfall on August 24, 2009
Thanks for the question, T-Dawg: Training is something I am very passionate about.

Training for a long endurance event such as a climb should include several days where you try and simulate the effort level and length of the event. For a climb like Mt. Rainier, a long (6 or more hour), strenuous hike with a 20+ pound pack should suffice. For longer, harder climbs, you should increase the duration of your endurance training. This is especially true if you’ve never exerted yourself for that length of time. Of course, your training should include plenty of strength building as well. My strength training is comprised of short, intense cross-training circuits which I do three or four times a week. Short, intense workouts can yield rapid gains in strength and they are very convenient, but they must be accompanied by endurance training to gain results applicable to big mountain climbs.

Of course, rest is very important as well. Most guides that I know are stereotypical overtrainers. Be sure to allow your body time to recover and strengthen in your workout cycle.

Thanks again for the question. Seth

Author: - Monday, August 24th, 2009

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