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Live Tweetchat with Ed Viesturs
Posted on October 9, 2009

We’ve got a special treat for those of you following @FirstAscent on Twitter: We’re hosting a live tweetchat with Ed Viesturs on Friday, October 16, from 1 to 2 p.m. PST. Got a question for Ed? This is your chance to chat with one of climbing’s greatest.

What’s a tweetchat? It’s basically a real-time discussion on Twitter that uses a hashtag to keep the conversation glued together. We’re using #climbchat for ours.

So if you want to participate, it’s pretty easy:

  • Sign up on Twitter (if you don’t have an account already).
  • Track the #climbchat conversation using whichever method you prefer (Twitter’s built-in search, TweetChat, TweetGrid, etc.).
  • Participate by picking Ed Viesturs’ brain–just remember to add #climbchat to your tweets so that everyone can find them!

@FirstAscent will be moderating the tweetchat, so if you want to submit a question to Ed in advance, put it in the comments or directly reply to us on Twitter.

Author: - Friday, October 9th, 2009

  1. jlapehn

    Question for Ed – I am an endurance athlete Ironman and marathons, and am 52 live in Northern Indiana and want to know how best to learn and participate in mountaineering? I have an initial goal of Mt. Rainier with who knows what after that.
    Thanks and i love the First Ascent Line!!!

  2. jshimrock

    Question for Ed
    With mountaineering consuming so much time and energy have you been able to become involved in any other sports and if so what are they?

  3. T-Dawg

    Question for Ed
    After returning back to Everest, what is your next adventure?
    I here through the grape vine that you may be involved in a new adventure, (never been done before) with Eddie Bauer’s “Be First, Get Sponsored” program. Can you comment more?

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