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Untamable Spirit of Adventure Drives Melissa to New Goal
Posted on October 28, 2009


October 24, 2009
Though the trail was steep to start with today, I could definitely feel the benefits of the acclimatization of the past week. We wandered our way out of the trees and grass to a high plain, at around 14,500 feet. This plain will be our base camp, though it is funny to even call it that as we will only spend one night here.

Upon arriving, we said goodbye to our wonderful porter and began unpacking. Despite all the organization that we did in Katmandu, it felt like we hadn’t organized at all. While the day was still warm, and before the afternoon clouds set in, we began unpacking and getting the First Ascent tent set up. I spent so much time in these very tents just a few months ago, in fact more than I have spent at my house this year, so it is a bit nostalgic to move in again.

Once the tent was set up we began going through all of the food and climbing gear that we will need for the next week. I actually really enjoy this part of trip planning, because I can start to imagine where we will be in the next few days.

Something that we have long talked about while designing and building the First Ascent gear is the “Untamable Spirit of Adventure”. Cory, Chhewang, and I have joked for much of the trip that we are “untamable” in many ways. We came here to Nepal with the plan to climb three ‘trekking’ peaks, mostly for climbing and physical training. Even in Katmandu as we tried to settle on which peaks we would climb, there was one mountain that kept holding our attention. We decided to forget about that peak and stick to the original plan to climb Island Peak, Mera Peak and Kusum Kanguru, all slightly technical and all over 6,000 meters.

Then that untamable spirit hit us again, and the peak that had held our attention for so long now had all three of us captivated. We started scheming and dreaming and determining what might be possible. It is a higher peak, almost 7000 meters, and certainly more technical. We debated back and forth, but the obvious excitement in all of us told us where we would be going, so alas … the plan has changed.

We now sit at the base of a beautiful mountain, Ama Dablam, which holds importance for all three of us. We are truly captivated by that spirit of adventure, and as we sit at base camp, watching the clouds roll over the massive mountains above us, we all have a smile and sense that this is why we came here.

Author: - Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


    Rally Mel! Nice choice, has been on my list for a long time, one day…

    Be safe, good luck, and have fun!

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