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First Ascent Jackets Headline in Media Reviews
Posted on December 30, 2009


First Ascent Jackets Headline in Media Reviews

Women’s First Ascent Frontpoint Jacket
Reviewed by Active Gear Review

“The First Ascent Frontpoint Jacket is a great all mountain jacket that combines soft and hard shell technology to provide an excellent barrier that can handle the harsh winter elements. The jacket has a nice feminine streamlined fit while also accommodating extra layers, such as a First Ascent Downlight® Sweater. We felt that the Frontpoint Jacket, despite weighting a mere 15.2 oz, can serve as an excellent outer shell for winter pursuits or a great spring/fall companion for high intensity activities in questionable weather. Overall, another nice piece from Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line!”


Eddie Bauer Attempts to Go More Hardcore With First Ascent Gear
Reviewed by Michael Benanav, Asylum Adventure Correspondent

“The BC-100 jacket is simple, lightweight and, at $129, the least expensive jacket in their men’s outerwear lineup. Despite looking like the designer chose the color immediately after seeing a performance of Blue Man Group, the build of the jacket is subtle and tight. Seams, zippers, Velcro — all are pro-grade — without being the least bit flashy. The small touches, such as the angle of the cuff-closure tabs and placement of the pockets, were clearly thought out by someone who knows what it’s like to actually wear one of these things in real life.”

Author: - Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

  1. Basecampblogger

    Maybe, it is time to make this gear available on the other side of the Atlantics?… I have to say that all layers look really impressive and the rationale behind them solid and convincing. Placed a huge order and now I am bracing myself for a duty tax… Will let you know about my first impressions pronto!

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