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George Recounts Mini Me, a Norwegian Gem of a First Ascent
Posted on February 26, 2010

By Caroline George We pull into Ossa, a little hamlet across the ferry north of Eidfjord, sitting on the tip of one of Norway’s many fjords. A striking blue line peers from behind a rocky outcrop. We drive to the end of the road and the view reveals two long pillars of bright blue ice.

Georges Find Climbing Together Spices Things Up
Posted on February 25, 2010

By Adam George For the past week, we’ve followed climbers Chad Peele and Caroline George as they attempted a bevy of first ascents in Norway. Also on the trip is George’s husband, Adam, who gave us a sneak peek at what it’s like to tie into rope with your partner in climbing and in life.

Dr. Evil Eludes Peele and George
Posted on February 24, 2010

By Caroline George Naming a route can sometimes be the real crux of a route. The name needs to communicate what was experienced and/or describe aspects of the climb. For example, “The Nose” on Yosemite’s El Capitan gives away the part of the wall the route follows

Peele and George Celebrate First Ascent of “Goldmember”
Posted on February 23, 2010

By Chad Peele After several days of climbing in Rjukan, we drove due west to a small town named Eidfjord. The town sits directly on a fjord, with rocky peaks dramatically rising out of the coastal waters. Here, Caroline and I spent our remaining time in Norway

Southern Utah First Descent Playground for Lexi duPont
Posted on February 22, 2010

By Reggie Crist I recently took a trip to Southern Utah to ski terrain that hasn’t seen this much snow in upwards of 30 years. A giant amphitheater of towering red rocks above 10,000 ft., the conditions provided a great adventure through untouched lands.

First Ascent Outfits Chicks with Picks Clinics
Posted on February 22, 2010

In January, First Ascent partnered with Chicks with Picks, the Ouray, Colorado-based organization promoting a fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere for female ice climbers of all levels. Outfitted in First Ascent gear and led by Caroline George, our newest guide, women spent the weekend perfecting their technical skills and networking at a series of clinics.

Roberto Carcelen, Peruvian Cross-Country Skier, Shares Olympics Experience
Posted on February 19, 2010

First Ascent outfitted Peru’s first Winter Olympian and cross-country skier, Roberto Carcelen, who completed his race earlier this week and sent us his thoughts on his experience. Congratulations to Roberto for skiing a great race! The days before the race day go as slowly as life can go …