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Roberto Carcelen, Peruvian Cross-Country Skier, Shares Olympics Experience
Posted on February 19, 2010

First Ascent outfitted Peru’s first Winter Olympian and cross-country skier, Roberto Carcelen, who completed his race earlier this week and sent us his thoughts on his experience. Congratulations to Roberto for skiing a great race!

The days before the race day go as slowly as life can go … you can’t sleep well and your mood is totally off, concentrating 100 percent on visualizing yourself on every single meter of the course. The good thing about racing at the World’s or Olympics is that the race start times take place in the afternoon, so you have the whole morning to get ready and warm up without feeling rushed. At breakfast, you see fellow competitors, but they’re not too talkative, and there is a tension that you can’t wait to leave behind at the starting blocks. Riding the bus to the race venue seems to take forever but, once there, all shifts to a different reality. There are huge crowds of people so excited and waiting for you to start so that they can scream at the top of their lungs. I can’t believe how many people shouted my name all along the course! Thanks to everyone for your loud cheers of support. If you asked me how many people were there, I would say I have no idea. I didn’t pick up my head much but I’m glad that the only time I did, I saw my daughter, Francesca, and my wife, Kate, looking at me from a few feet away. Francesca said “Papa!” that was a magic word from my two-year-old that made me power through and forget about my injured shoulder from the falls minutes earlier. Life doesn’t get any better than racing at the Olympics. It is the pure essence of competitiveness and friendship at the highest level.

Author: - Friday, February 19th, 2010

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