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First Ascent Family Returns to Everest with New “Firsts” in Sight
Posted on April 2, 2010

Last year, Eddie Bauer launched First Ascent in dramatic fashion, from the top of the world. This year, several members of the First Ascent family will return to Everest to attempt some amazing new firsts and we’ll be there to capture all the action.

On May 1, 1963, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest, outfitted head to toe in Eddie Bauer gear. This May, Jim’s son, Leif Whittaker, will attempt to follow in his father’s footsteps and stand on top of the world for his first time. Leif will be accompanied on the mountain by adventure filmmaker Michael Brown and First Ascent guide Dave Hahn, who is attempting his 12th summit, more than any non-Sherpa in history.

Also on Dave and Leif’s team will be First Ascent guides, Seth Waterfall and Chad Peele. Seth and Chad will guide four other clients on the climb, including Wendy Booker, a 55-year-old mother of three boys, who is attempting to become the first person with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis to climb The Seven Summits.

First Ascent guide Melissa Arnot will be back on Everest again this year, partnering with experienced mountaineer, Dave Morton, to attempt to become the first American woman to summit the peak three times.

Born Out There will also be tracking the progress of Apa Sherpa, the only man in history to summit Everest 19 times, as he attempts to make it an even 20 ascents. Apa is fully outfitted in First Ascent.

In the coming weeks, follow along on the Born Out There Blog as the First Ascent guides and climbers share stories of their adventures on Everest.


Author: - Friday, April 2nd, 2010

  1. kimw57

    Wow, so many firsts and so awesome for most of them. However, I believe Lori Schneider from Bayfield, WI was the first person with MS to complete the feat of climbing the Seven Summits. She carried the World MS flag to the summit and has been recognized, not only nationally but internationally for her achievement. Please check the records and clarify. This is a wonderful and amazing achievement whether a person is first, second or number forty!

  2. jvanhulle

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Lori Schneider of Bayfield, Wisconsin speak several times about her accomplishment of being the first person with MS to climb the Seven Summits. In fact, the students in my second grade classroom in Iowa shared several of her climbs through letters, emails, and personal visits. They were so proud to see the photo of her on top of Mt. Everest last May holding the World MS flag. She is a true inspiration. Could you please check this out? I wish all the climbers the best as they climb.

  3. fandrews

    I will be checking this blog to see what you climbers observe as you get higher on potential changes/depletion of oxygen…is the tree line lower than before, do you see changes in snow line, cn you feel differences in the quality of the oxygen at lower altitudes? Is now the time to take a look at our O2 as well as our CO2? Please keep us posted, we have a group studying this.

  4. musky

    Lori Schneider of Bayfield Wi.summitted Everest last May with Alpnie Ascents, finishing her seven summit bid. She wad diagnosed with MS more than ten years ago, making her the first person with MS to complete the seven summits. This had been widely documented in the media and she has spoken at numerous MS seminars in the states and is scheduled to speak at MS seminars in Europe also.So why are you promoting a “first ascent” of the seven summits for your client Wendy Booker? This seems a slap in the face to a courageous woman who as already accomplished this feat.

  5. First Ascent Brand Team

    Schneider and Wendy Booker are inspirations to all people with or without MS. We admire their achievements in the face of this debilitating illness. We wish both Wendy and Lori the best of luck in all of their future climbs!

  6. EmpowermentThroughAdventure

    Message from Lori Schneider:
    Fate may have played a roll in allowing me to become the first person with MS to complete the ‘Seven Summits’ after my summit of Everest in ‘09, but there is one first that will forever remain Wendy’s. Wendy Booker’s strength and courage in the face of MS, gave hope to thousands like me, who felt something as difficult as Everest was out of the realm of possibility for someone with Multiple Sclerosis. She was the first to prove to the world that people with MS should never give up on their dreams, even if they are BIG dreams. Wendy’s stamina and determination are truly an inspiration for us all, with or without MS. She shows her courage every day on Everest and in life as well, as she makes the choice to give it her best shot. We should all be so strong. Thank you Wendy for the gift you have given all of us with MS. The gift of hope is priceless. Climb strong and safe.

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