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Arnot Arrives at Camp I
Posted on April 26, 2010

By Melissa Arnot Our Base Camp is at the top of the cul de sac that makes a dead end at the icefall. From here we can see almost all the other camps, and since we are so far away, visitors are scarce. I have been enjoying the silence

Arnot Plans First Climb Rotation
Posted on April 23, 2010

By Melissa Arnot The more time I spend in the mountains, the more I can hear the individual voice of each place I go. I am starting to realize that this mountain, Everest, has had a different voice each time I have been here. This year, so far, the voice has been quiet

Whittaker Makes First Trip to Camp I
Posted on April 21, 2010

By Leif Whittaker There is a section of this mountain that, having imagined it for the last seven years, seems monumental, and I can hardly believe the anticipated hardships and dangers, the objective hazards I visualized, have finally become real seracs that hover dauntingly over my helmet, real crevasses spanned by lashed-together aluminum ladders

Puja Ceremony Marks Start of Climb for Arnot
Posted on April 20, 2010

By Melissa Arnot Today is an important day. It is the day following the Nepali New Year (it is now 2065 in Nepal). We are told by Tshering Dorje (our head climbing Sherpa, who is also a monk) that today is a good day for a blessing ceremony, or Puja.

Join Eddie Bauer and First Ascent at Teva Mountain Games in June
Posted on April 19, 2010

If you love mountain sports and music (and we know all First Ascent fans do), then mark your calendar for the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado June 3-6, 2010.

Melissa Arnot Arrives at Everest Base Camp
Posted on April 19, 2010

By Melissa Arnot: The trail is dusty and covered with large rocks. I can see the small black marks of rubber that have worn from the boots of people who have passed here before us, but that is the only sign that this path has been traveled. The quiet is comfortable

Erik Leidecker Enjoys the Other Side of the Camera
Posted on April 18, 2010

By Erik Leidecker Throughout my heli-ski guiding career, I’ve had a few opportunities to work with film, video and still photography production teams. My responsibilities usually include snow stability evaluation, assistance in run selection and emergency back-up.