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Melissa Arnot at Camp III, Ready for Final Push
Posted on May 21, 2010

Hey there everybody, this is Dave and Melissa calling in from Camp III at 24,000 ft. We made our way today up the Lhotse Face all the way to Camp III with significantly less wind than yesterday, which was great. It’s always nice to be up here. We had to do a little work on the tents when we got up here to make them sleepable for tonight. Tomorrow morning we’re going to head up after the sun hits, anticipating not wanting to spend long at 26,000 ft., especially with no oxygen. We’re going to leave tomorrow morning at 10 and hopefully get up to the South Col around 5 p.m. Then we’ll start resting for our summit bid.

Weather looks good; we’re both feeling great. We’re ready for what the mountain holds for us. We’ll check in tomorrow when we arrive at the South Col.


Author: - Friday, May 21st, 2010

  1. Kristine

    Good luck you two!!! I’ll be cheering for you guys for the next couple of days!!! Best of luck.

  2. Jim Arnot

    You’re an inspiration to us all Miss. Dig deep. Climb smart. Watch for falling rock. You’re destiny awaits you. Good mountaineering girl! We’re very proud of you. See ya on the back side. Love you. DAD

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