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Arnot Claims Third Everest Summit
Posted on May 23, 2010

First Ascent guide Melissa Arnot has successfully summited Mt. Everest for the third time. Melissa and photographer/ climber David Morton called the Eddie Bauer First Ascent headquarters from the South Col after “a very successful summit day.”

Arnot and Morton began their journey from Kathmandu nearly two months ago, and have been climbing as an independent team with the support of two climbing Sherpa, a cook and two Base Camp staff. Despite rough weather earlier this month, the two have been able to acclimatize at their own pace. We’d like to congratulate them both on their success and wish them safe travels on their descent. Stay tuned to hear more from Arnot as she returns to Base Camp to celebrate.

Keep checking the Born Out There blog for updates on Melissa and Dave’s progress as they descend to Base Camp.

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Author: - Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

  1. Jim & Debbie Arnot

    Congratulations Melissa and Dave! Awesome Job!

  2. Michael

    Congrats Melissa & Dave! Glad to hear you made it up safely.

  3. David Thomas

    Well done – congratulations Melissa and Dave. Truly inspiring.

  4. raju

    congratulations Dave and melissa to successful and safely climb

  5. John morton

    congratulations you two on your successful summit.We have been waiting patiently in Seattle for the good news.Now we have it-hallelujah!Now Dave hustle back to Seattle for the birth of that 1st child .Your life is presently full of lots of excitement.It’s grand to be a part of it. love Dad

  6. melissa dodge-elliott

    nice job melissa A!!! very impressive!!! love it!!!!!

  7. Leslie Mittendorf

    Congrats! Sounds like an excellent – and safe- adventure. Looking forward to your photos, Dave.

  8. Vikki Buzzard

    Congratulations Melissa! Safe travels back home.

  9. Neil Fiske

    Three cheers for three summits! Congrats Melissa and Dave! Safe travels down and home. Well done

  10. Danny Leadbeater

    Congratulations Melissa and Dave. We’re all relieved to hear you are back down safe to the South Col. What a great accomplishment. Fingers crossed for Dave, Leif and the rest of the team tonight.
    You’re making us proud. Thank You and safe travels back to basecamp.

  11. Susan Moberg Hopkins

    Congratulations on another successful climb and summit! Looking forward to the rest wearing First Ascent to share the top of the world with us soon.

  12. Jamie McGinnis

    Melissa, you are one hell of a woman and an inspiration to all!! Congratulations to you and David. Safe travels on the rest of your journey.

  13. Lora Bolding-United

    Another trip to the “Top of the World”! Congratulations!

  14. Tom

    Congratulations Melissa and Dave and to your team of Sherpas!! You inspire us! Have a safe and successful downclimb and best wishes to the second FA ascent team!

  15. Rob Rowley

    Dave & Melissa: Congrats on your great climb! Get down safely and home to your families.
    Rob Rowley, SLC, UT “The Ice Ax Man”

  16. Ben P

    Well done! Can’t wait to read more about this 3rd successful climb to the top. Have a safe trip back down to Base Camp.
    The other FA team must be on their way to the top at the moment, hope they are as successful as you!

  17. andrew crawford

    so rad, Melissa..
    your boat is waiting for you..

  18. Josephine Moore

    WOOOOWWWWW. You are both so awesome. Makes me proud to live in the Northwest. Be safe and happy.

  19. Jiban

    Well Done


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  21. Janet Weyhmiller

    Congratulations!!!!!! Have a safe trip home!!!!!!!!
    You rock!!!!!!!

  22. Michael N.

    Climbing Everest 3 times, now that’s pretty damn sexy.

    Congrats, here is to #4!!

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