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Whittaker, Hahn and Team Check In From South Col
Posted on May 25, 2010

Transcription: Michael Brown

Well we’re back to the South Col. I wasn’t able to get a satellite signal on the ridge, perhaps because it’s the border with China and Nepal. It went down like this, we left Camp IV about 4:00, I mean 11:00, 4 hours later at 3:00 a.m. we arrived at the Balcony. At that stage I think … at the same time it was cold, it was about 18 below 0 Fahrenheit last night and I think the most common complaint was that people had cold feet. So we got back to the tents and everybody’s checking their feet for whether they’re black or not but they’re not actually. I don’t have any frostbite, it doesn’t look like Leif has any and nobody else has any either so that was good. But we continued on, the route is very steep this year, goes over some very challenging rock bands, which made it kind of exciting. And then just as it came to the south summit, sort of a snow squall came through but it was still pretty good visibility. And got to the summit, got all kinds of pictures of each other and banners and things like that so that was good to be up there. But it was plenty cold and windy so we started down. Now we’re back at the South Col, and we’re feeling good. So I’ll try another dispatch and get rid of this cough. Thank you.

Whittaker, Hahn and Team Check In From South Col

[audio:|titles=Whittaker, Hahn and Team Check In From South Col]
Author: - Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

  1. Kitty Knapp

    Congratulations Leif! What an amazing accomplishment, your town is wishing you a safe journey down from the top of the world…

  2. Damian Hischier

    Congratulations Michael and the rest of you guys! Well done! Have a safe trip down.


  3. Mike and Rachel

    A very big Congratulations from the Pruitt family in Port Townsend to Leif and the rest of you! Your On Top Of The World! Come home safe and sound.

  4. Nancy

    Congratulations on your summit! It’s truly an incredible accomplishment! Be safe. Cheers from Issaquah!

  5. barbara

    Congratulations to all on your summit.

    Stay healthy Michael, Dave H., Sherpas, Leif and others on your way down.

    (Everest 2000 follower) :-)>

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