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Eddie Bauer Has Triumphant May On Everest
Posted on May 27, 2010

Leif Whittaker with First Ascent guides Seth Waterfall and Dave Hahn on the Summit of Mt. Everest

The 2010 Everest climbing season has been a record-setting success for Eddie Bauer. In one 3-day window, three different climbing teams outfitted in Eddie Bauer First Ascent gear reached the Everest summit.

On May 22, Apa Sherpa, climbing leader for the Eco Everest Expedition 2010, broke his own world record by reaching the highest point on Earth for the 20th time.

On May 23, First Ascent guide Melissa Arnot, accompanied by Dave Morton, became the first American woman to summit Everest three times. This achievement was pre-confirmed by Liz Hawley, pending a further database search.

On May 24, Leif Whittaker retraced American and family history when he topped out 47 years after his father, Jim, became the first American to do so, back on May 1, 1963. Also with Leif was First Ascent guide and expedition leader Dave Hahn, who made his 12th summit—more than any non-Sherpa in history. Other members of the summit team were First Ascent guide Seth Waterfall, photographer Michael Brown, RMI guide Casey Grom and climber Scott Jones.

Congratulations to all the teams!


Author: - Thursday, May 27th, 2010

  1. Dianne Roberts & Jim Whittaker

    Way to go team! We are so proud of you all! And so glad you are on your way home to amazing thick air, hot showers, soft beds and fresh veggies.

  2. Andrew Turner

    They summitted in the Guide Glove…again! AMAZING!

  3. Brian Dickinson

    Great job team! This was a very successful season. I’m glad you all made it down safely.

  4. Kristin Sackman

    CONGRATULATIONS! Cheers from all your fans-

  5. Maxine

    Massive congratulations to everyone – thanks again for taking us armchair enthusiasts with you to the top of the world!

  6. Mark Hartwell-Ft. Worth, TX

    There’s something in all of us that marvels at God’s amazing handiwork. Congrats to you for doing what it takes both mentally and physically for such a challenge. You inspire us all!

  7. Carla Hamm

    Very impressive trek! Inspirational for all!!

  8. jamie garnish

    Congrats to all!
    Just wondering what happened to Chad Peele? No word of him making the summit…?

  9. Liz Tobola

    Congradulations Leif!
    Just watched a bunch of your video’s…yikes!

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