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Richard Wiese To Share Adventures on Born Out There Blog
Posted on June 10, 2010

Tagging jaguars in the Yucatan jungle, leading expeditions in the Northern Territory of Australia, cross-country skiing at the North Pole, and participating in archaeological digs in Cyprus are just days in the office for adventurer Richard Wiese.

A former Explorers Club president, Richard hosts a wealth of experiences as a journalist, scientist and television personality. Most recently, Richard traveled to Ethiopia for the highly acclaimed BBC and Discovery series, “Hottest Place on Earth.” On location, he attempted to extract fragments of DNA from molten lava to find evidence of microbial life. He’s also an accomplished mountaineer, having participated in the largest medical expedition ever conducted on Mt. Everest, achieving the first ascent of an unclimbed peak in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska, and discovering 29 new life forms while doing research on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Welcome, Richard! Look for his adventures coming soon on the Born Out There blog.

Author: - Thursday, June 10th, 2010

  1. John

    Ha !! First ascent of an unclimbed peak inthe Wrangell Mountains was a rock scramble up a 1,000 foot hill that he was deposited at the base of by a helicopter. His cameraman refused to go up the hill with him after almost falling into a crevasse. In the same episode Wiese says “watch now as I summit this glacier” as he climbs up a 10 foot snow bank.

    You’ve got to be kidding with this guy. I’m selling all my FA stuff.

  2. sharon flanders

    I don’t know how or why Richard was selected by first ascent. He’s no melissa arnot or ed viesturs in terms of his experience. and i have a problem calling him any type of mountaineer – -he looks out of shape in all his TV shows. I saw a show of his where he went to florida to look for wild monkeys and wound up finding nothing, then went to a zoo to look at some. ridiculous.

  3. Marlon

    These 2 people must be some MAJOR explorers themselves to make comments like that! Either that or THEY are the wild monkeys he found in the zoo! I wonder how many mountains they’ve climbed? I recently read Richards book “Born to Explore” which does an incredible job at encouraging people to get into the great outdoors and even their own back yard to explore, something few people in this country do enough of. If only we all had the adventurous spirit this man has, there would certainly be fewer monkeys on the internet!

  4. Karin

    Richard, have always been a big fan and can’t wait to read all about your latest and greatest adventures!!!

  5. LM

    I’ve worked with Richard on an expedition and think he’s a great pick! Aside from being friendly, personable, and a great team mate, the guy knows his stuff! Good pick.

  6. Rog

    The TV show these folks are talking about is Exploration with Richard Wiese and it airs on Mad TV. I think Richard is more of an “adventure journalist” than he is a bona fide mountaineer. Seems to me that’s what has these folks all bent out of shape. In my opinion it is fair to question First Ascent’s decision to add Wiese to a group occupied by some of the best athletes in the world. The episode this guy is talking about shows Wiese climbing this extremely easy “first ascent” and it’s clear he doesn’t have any real technical climbing experience from the looks of how he handles an ice axe. So it get’s me to wondering how the “real” first ascent athletes feel about a journalist in the mix. I wouldn’t say Wiese is someone that the committed mountaineers are going to go out of their way to identify with.

  7. BobbyV

    I don’t think Richard is trying to pass him self off as a “world class” mountaineer.
    I once heard him speak at a conference in Alaska and he spoke with a lot of humility an and obvious passion for the outdoors.
    He also hung around for two hours afterward s talking to some boy scouts.
    He represents the outdoor world quite well and god knows we need more spokesman for that.
    I look forward to reading what he has to say.

  8. Margaret Kimberly

    It is a shame that some spew such venom. Must be the altitude is getting them. Richard is one of the most well rounded people I have met and he brings fresh perspective to his subjects. One does not have to be the “best climber” or “best athlete” to appreciate the adventure. He certainly is one of the best is bringing enthusiasum and engaging people to try things, instead of the elitist snobbery exhibited by these comments. Good luck Richard. We’ll be watching.

  9. Jerry

    I came across Richard on TV a few years ago in a show called Explorations. Richard really brought the topic of the day to life and gave it the feeling that you were there experiencing it with him. It was a rare show in that it appealed to adults and children alike. It was a must see for me, my wife and our two children.
    I also had the good fortune of meeting Richard at a book signing for his book “Born to Explore”. He was as charming and friendly in person, as he appears on TV!
    Finally to those who challenge his merits, I suggest they do their reseach a little more thoroughly. Richard has far more practical experience than many of the “experts” out there.

  10. Valerie

    I saw “Exploration” on t.v. a few times. It was a very entertaining show and I learned quite a lot. It’s rare that a t.v. show does both of these things nowerdays. I also had the privilige of reading his book “Born to Explore” and I thought that the things he came up with were really amazing. My favorite was the Altoid Mint Case. If you read the book, you know what I’m talking about.

  11. N.L.A.

    I have seen Richard lecture and read his book “Born to Explore” and have been extremely impressed by him. While some who criticize Richard question his ability to be a “real” mountaineer, what they seem to dislike is his accessibility. He refuses to see himself as untouchable and believes that someone who is climbing Kilimanjaro for the first time can have the same worthwhile experience as someone who has traveled and explored the most extreme climates on Earth. While this in itself is admirable, his diversity of experience in areas other than mountaineering as well as his dedication to the advancement of science while climbing (he did help conduct the largest medical expedition ever on Everest) make him a worthy candidate for the First Ascent team.

  12. Marcelo

    There are not to many Explorers in today’s world that can inspire and at the same time do ground breaking expeditions.
    Richard is not only a TRUE explorer but also an inspiration for younger generations who are confused about what EXPLORATION means.
    He’s an excellent story teller, intelligent, and human.
    When you are doing extraordinary things you need extraordinary people.
    Ricahrd is one of them.

  13. Uta Barr

    Richard makes exploration accessible to the average person. He has great knowledge of his subject. From his bio, I gather that he began his mountaineering career age 11 and has continued it straight through. He brings not only his extensive knowledge to his shows. He also brings some fun, wit and sense of humor which is throughly enjoyable to watch. You feel that if this guy can do it, perhaps I can too!. . . Plus in my book, he is gorgeous! So great expertise, great fun and great looks to watch on t.v. all stack up to an enjoyable show!

  14. DiNa

    When my family and I lived in Florida, we enjoyed watching Richard each week on “Explorations by Richard Wiese”. He always brought a sense of adventure into our Living Room. My children learned some very good lessons from watching his show and Richard became their role model. We had the good fortune of meeting him at a NY book signing. He was very knowledgable, approachable and genuinely seemed to enjoy speaking with my children. His book has easy to follow instructions and is something that makes my kids want to read and try new things right in our backyard. I was very pleased when I learned that Eddie Bauer has such a great role model for their new spokesperson. It is refreshing to see someone like Richard representing Eddie Bauer’s fine products rather than an overpaid athelete or Hollywood personality with a scandal.

  15. Bo Parfet

    Congratulations! Keep up the wonderful work you are accomplishing. Your enthusiasm and dedication is an inspiration to all and I look forward to reading about your next great adventure.

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