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Be First Recipient Presides Over Certification of First Bhutanese River Guides
Posted on November 18, 2010

Be First recipient Gerry Moffatt has set out across the Kingdom of Bhutan to complete his 14-year quest to paddle all of Bhutan’s major rivers and help pave the way for a sustainable Bhutanese adventure travel industry. Our Be First program is an opportunity to get sponsored when you go for your own summit, whatever that may be. To learn more and submit your proposals, visit Be First.

By Gerry Moffatt

Over the last 14 years, river-based ecotourism has transitioned from a great idea to a real opportunity in Bhutan.

This fall, local guides Kinley Dorji and Chencho became the first fully certified, internationally recognized river guides in the kingdom. Over a three-week training period, they successfully completed the International Rescue 3 assessment, relevant First Aid and CPR certifications, and a practical examination of skills and techniques of raft guiding also recognized internationally.

In a ceremony conducted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) director Mr. Kesang Wangdi, and me, the two were presented with their official certifications.

Their completion of the course paves the way for other guiding and training opportunities, both for themselves and also for other young aspiring guides in the kingdom. This milestone also underlies a new standard that will help thrust Bhutan to the forefront of international rafting/kayaking destinations.

Kinley and Chencho’s participation in the international raft guide training was made possible thru the leadership and foresight of X-plore Bhutan’s owner/operator Ugyen Dorji, and with sponsorship by Eddie Bauer First Ascent.

Author: - Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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