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Dave Morton and Adam Knoff Prepare for Camp III on K2 (Part 7)
Posted on December 26, 2010

Last summer, Dave Morton set out with Adam Knoff to reach the summit of Pakistan’s K2 unsupported and without oxygen, using one of the peak’s most difficult routes. During the 40-day expedition, both climbers were put to the test on one of the world’s most dangerous mountains. Dave chronicled the entire trip in a series of posts and photos for First Ascent.

By Dave Morton

We’re sitting here among our base camp candles getting the last of our items together in order to move up tomorrow. The alarm will sound at 3 a.m., and we hope to be walking towards the base of the route by 4 a.m. Nine climbers left early this morning to begin their summit push, aiming to try and make the top on August 6th. We should be in Camp III as they descend late on the 6th.

The victims of the major flooding and landslides in Pakistan have been on our mind as we attempt to climb. Our cook, Sakawat, lives in a village a few days from K2 base camp, and he just learned today that they have been without power for more than a week. Our reports coming from many of the locals of the Northern Area confirm that thousands are dead. We have also heard from international reports that over a million Pakistanis are now homeless.

The 2005 earthquake affected virtually the same footprint area that this current crisis is impacting. This area of the world is steep, sheer and subject to the powerful forces of such a large mountain range. Luckily for us, the upper Baltoro sits in a bit of a rain shadow and has not been affected by the large amounts of precipitation near Nanga Parbat and the main Indus Valley where the much of the tragedy is occurring.

But back to our focus for the next few days. We will ascend to Camp II tomorrow and then spend the next two nights in Camp III. We plan to be back in base camp for a late breakfast on August 7th. We also hope to hit a high point of around 7,700 meters/25,000 feet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my knee can go the distance. Only time (and lots of elevation) will tell.

Author: - Sunday, December 26th, 2010

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