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First Ascent Team Reaches Summit of Vinson Massif, Highest Peak on Antarctica
Posted on January 10, 2011

On New Year’s Day,  First Ascent guides Peter WhittakerEd ViestursSeth WaterfallCaroline GeorgeJake Norton, cinematographer Kent Harvey and their clients departed for Antarctica for a 45th anniversary climb to commemorate the 1966 first ascent of Vinson Massif, which was outfitted by Eddie Bauer.

Remarkably, just nine days after they departed the U.S. for the expedition, the First Ascent team summitted Vinson Massif, returning Eddie Bauer back up to the highest peak at the bottom of the world.  Look for more photos and stories about the successful summit in coming days. Congratulations, team!

Audio transcript:

Hey everybody. this is Peter Whittaker up on top with the whole First Ascent/RMI team. We are on top of Mt. Vinson it’s 5 p.m.  It’s about 31, 32 below zero and the wind is blowing about 18-20  knots. It’s beautiful up here clear, low clouds  and bitter, bitter cold.

We are going to try and push a picture out tonight when we get back to high camp, and you’ll see we are all frosted up. But we are happy; we are on top. Give a yell you guys ….

We’ve done it. A beautiful day, a little brisk, and we are going to put the phone away and head on out of here.

Alright that’s the word from on top of the bottom of the world.

We’ll shoot a call later on maybe from camp.

First Ascent, RMI and Eddie Bauer over and out.

Author: - Monday, January 10th, 2011

  1. Jorge Chairez

    congratulations you guys!!!

  2. Randy Martin

    Brilliant!! Way to lay down the hammer!! Peter I always love to hear your audio. Your enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to hear. Congratulations to everyone.

  3. TC


  4. tracy clark

    Congratulations everyone!!

  5. Michael Schertz

    CONGRADS GUYS!!! What a journey!!!

  6. Mike Iem

    Congrats! where is Dave Hahn? I thought that was his mountain?

  7. JamieMcG

    That was fast! Way to go teams!

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