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No Boys Allowed: Guide Team Women Meet to Develop Women’s Product Line
Posted on July 19, 2011

By Caroline George

You’ve all seen the slogan “Guide Built” on the First Ascent ads, but you must wonder what that slogan really means and how it applies to the brand.

Let me start by saying that it means just that: Guide built, or built by guides—professionals who spend most of their time not only playing, but also working in the outdoors. Each person on the team is a professional who goes out there, puts the products to the test in all sorts of weather and conditions, exposes the products to their clients and communicates feedback to the First Ascent design team. But that’s only one part of our job description.

The team also meets a few times a year with the design team to talk about the product, clarify why some features work and how they can be improved, what material performs the best, and also what we would like to see in the upcoming line.

This past week, we had the first women-only meeting at Eddie Bauer headquarters in Bellevue, WA. All the women on the FA team gathered to brainstorm and share ideas and experiences we each had in our different sports (alpine, ski) with the products. We got measured to get a better idea of how to define the woman athlete and fit the clothing more specifically to her body and needs. I really enjoyed every aspect of it because we got to touch on design and fit as well as marketing, merchandising, marketing, and creative. We maximized our time and still managed to fit in a little bouldering session at the new bouldering gym in Seattle. This meeting was a great way to get to know the other women better and also to address women specifics.

Our next meeting will be in Ashford during the Rainier Mountain Festival, where we will be meeting with the rest of the team—the men—and build on what we talk about during this past meeting. All I can say for sure is that we have a lot of great products to look forward to!

Tell us: What would you like to see in our women’s line?

Author: - Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

  1. Sharon Draper

    I would love to see your guide pants in Tall sizes.

  2. Debbie Arnot

    I’ll second that, tall sizes in the guide pants are definitely needed. I would also like to see the breast pocket returned on the cloud layer fleece. There is no use for one on the arm, which I can’t even get to if I need a hard shell over it, but I sure do miss the breast pocket, which I always use!

  3. David

    Not specifically related to this article (sorry) but it would be nice to see FA gear being sold locally at all! In our Canadian Eddie Bauer stores they have some items, but of course they are sold at $200+ more than the US prices. I tried to visit the Seattle store in the states on Pine Ave? when we were there and they did not have anything — not even a BC200 for the northwest weather.

  4. Jason Sorenson

    Why do you call it Ascent for the ski line? Shouldn’t it be Descent? guess it”s a little late now but that would make more sense for ski clothing.

  5. Monica

    I would also like to see more tall items, and a return to the original design of the cloud layer, I don’t like the chest pocket it looks too much like one of your competitors. Love the Paradise base layer, so I hope something like that will return to the line up.

  6. First Ascent Brand Team

    Hi Jason, First Ascent is the brand for all premium technical outerwear and gear by Eddie Bauer. Our snowsports gear is called the “First Descent Series” under the First Ascent brand. – Paolo

  7. Jason Sorenson

    I find myself searching for the word “Descent” on your site and can’t find it.

    Just a little constructive criticism. Looks odd to see FIRST ASCENT in big bold letters on a great ski photo of some one going downhill.

  8. HowdyfromGR

    @ JSorenson-gotta go UP to come down mate.

  9. Erica Charette

    Love the line and the way it all fits! Definately would like to see pieces in the xxl size as they do fit a little more narrow than the rest of our items.

  10. Aleya

    It’s about time!!!

    SOOOOO thrilled to see this happening. I personally would like to see short-person gear. (Packs especially, if you can manage it!) Items that take torso size and hip size into account too.

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