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Buen Lomo: Going with the Flow in Las Leñas
Posted on August 25, 2011

Members of the First Ascent Ski Team—Chris Coulter, Reggie Crist, Zach Crist, Lynsey Dyer and Lel Tone—are down in the Andes with photographer Will Wissman, shooting First Ascent gear for 2012.

Story by Chris Coulter
Photos by Will Wissman

I’m here in Las Leñas, Argentina, with First Ascent guides to ride some of the most incredible and mind blowing lift-access terrain in the world. A place like this teaches you to work with Mother Nature. You need to be able to go with the flow and flow with the go.

It’s been fun getting some early-morning sessions. The crew meets in the lobby of our hotel at 5 a.m. for coffee and medialunas (tasty mini-croissants) before pre-dawn snow cat rides. The objective on these days is capturing the early light. On the walk from the hotel to the snow cat the stars are out along with local Argentines leaving the Point UFO, the most rocking disco in the valley. I could not help but laugh to myself watching the people leaving the club, looking a little haggard from the long night of dancing and Fernets, the local drink of choice. It’s a nocturnal culture here. Dinner is in the late evenings, people go out around midnight to start partying. The dancing starts at around 2 a.m. and continues into the early morning hours; we know this because our hotel is attached to the UFO. No alarm clock necessary, we wake up early, without a hangover, and are ready to go—for a party of our own.

It’s a race against the clouds from the moment the cat drops us off en route to Cerro Martin. Unable to see the stars, we strap skis to packs and start kicking steps into a mix of shale rocks and blown snow. Getting whipped by 50mph gusts on this 11,000-foot ridgeline is an experience in itself.

Powerful gusts stopped us in our tracks as we braced for balance. It’s incredible being in this type of environment; it’s all about being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. These settings are where my First Ascent kit shines. At the top of the ridge the bursts of wind are violent. The precious minutes of alpenglow are limited with various cloud layers approaching. Photographer Will Wissman takes advantage of this short moment in time, before the storm forces us back to the valley floor.

Storm totals are adding up quickly. We are now riding waist-deep powder at the base, knowing full well that there is twice as much snow in the upper elevations. When a weather system of this magnitude hits high up in the Andes, in an alpine environment (no trees), not a lot of riding is going down. This burly weather is giving us extra time to partake in one of my favorite local traditions, the Asado (aka BBQ). However, this is no ordinary BBQ. The Argentines take great pride in preparing and grilling their meat, predominantly high-grade grass-fed beef. They take it to the next level. It’s a time-consuming process that requires hard woods to establishing a consistent bed of coals. The hot embers are meticulously separated to maintain the proper temperature to ensure the meat is cooked to perfection. Jose, our local guru and experto asidor, takes great pleasure in hosting. Life is good here in the Andes. The “A” factor is on our side.

Author: - Thursday, August 25th, 2011

  1. ray conner

    just another company trying to make a buck on the snowboarder- Coulter you are the man, mad props- but seriously this is not what its all about.

  2. Jay Tierney

    I can’t hit the “like” button, cause Facebook ain’t my bag. But you guys rule! Keep crushin it.

  3. not ray conner

    World class guides, Friends, Blower POW, Big Mountains, Asado, Argentina….That is what “IT” is all about..
    Livin the dream

  4. gags

    Enjoy Cap’n Coulter…..sounds like it’s a great adventure!

  5. Greg Stafford

    Wow, that shot of Lel Tone with that amazing sunset is rockin!! That is whats it’s all about.

  6. Ferrin Neu

    Nice images! Agreed on the snowboard issue. Not sure why or how this will work or be believable. Smells like a corporate pie chart.

  7. not ray conner

    ray, sorry to spill your hatorade, but no one cares.

    The legit snowboard world knows what time it is and how FA has a team stacked with talent. Back to your message boards, buddy.

  8. C Donaldson

    So Nice, terrain, fresh and lift access what a treat!! Lets not act too responsible though, nothing wrong with a hangover, some sleep deprivation and dehydration to make you appreciate an early morning hike with 50mph wind at 11,000 ft.!

  9. ray conner

    Ahh so you delete comments you don’t like ? nice work!

  10. Alex B

    Just found this one

    Coulter is a giant among men. So stoked to still see him in the game.

    But you guys are asking for trouble and ” The snowboard world knows what time it is” Someone is sniffing too much glue in the Corporate office because the industry will eat this feeble attempt alive. Stay out!

  11. Jonas

    Big Hugs to Chris Coulter for being the most legit snowboarder I have ever known. Be safe amigo.

    On a side note, Snowboarding is Snowboarding. Most anyone that talks shit about corporate this and that has piles of shit from Walmart in their homes. The “cool” companies and magazines don’t give love to all the LEGIT shredders in this world of hype.

    Coulter is out in the hills when everyone else is sleeping in their beds or sitting on their asses playing video games at home. No one should hate on a guy that makes a couple extra bucks from a company so he can go do shit he loves to do.


  12. Jacqui

    Saw you guys ripping it there at las lenas. bringing back good memories of argentina already! The UFO scence is for sure something pretty funny. sounds like you guys had a rad trip. love from WA

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