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Skiing the Antarctic Peninsula, Part 5
Posted on December 21, 2011

First Ascent Ski Guide Kent McBride wraps up a recent ski-guide trip in Antarctica. -EB Editor

Story and video by Kent McBride

There were a lot of firsts for clients on this trip, like climbing with an ice axe and crampons with skis on their back, being belayed while skiing icy steeps and lots of other minor things we’ve come accustomed to not paying any attention to. But the one thing that wasn’t a first and that we all should remember, is to get out of your everyday routine for some adventure, the kind where you find some new firsts for yourself, be it big or small. That’s the beauty of it all: you get to decide what your first is and what you think it will mean to you. Adventure!


Author: - Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

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