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Spring Outfitter Book Now Available for Digital Download
Posted on April 5, 2013


These days, the world seems like a very small place. But as our team of guides, athletes, and adventure travel guides can testify, the power of travel has never been more potent and critical to our understanding of humanity. Whether it’s the cultural interaction or the insight from a new perspective, the simple act of travel takes us places we could rarely predict. It helps us see the world through new eyes and connects us across cultures, beliefs, nationalities, and time zones. Travel is adventure in its most visceral form.

Our world-class team of guides, athletes, and adventurers has logged more than a few air miles to remote destinations in their lifetimes. They’ve climbed classic peaks, traversed remote islands, tracked rare beasts, and landed deep in the middle of foreign cultures, finding only friendship and hospitality. For us, the stories they bring back provide us with the motivation to book a flight to an exotic destination and to explore.

In the pages of our Spring Outfitter Book, we’ve gathered their most memorable adventure travel stories, ranging from seasonal escapes to Baja and Fiji to life-altering interactions in places as remote as Kenya, Mongolia, and Iceland. We hope that hearing their stories will ignite in you that same spark to pack up and hit the road, board a plane, or go on a personal walkabout, and experience what the world truly has to offer our adventurous souls. So we’ve made the Spring Outfitter Book available for digital PDF download on our Live Your Adventure blog. Click the link, dig in and experience the power of adventure travel in all its digital glory. And enjoy. -LYA Editor

Author: - Friday, April 5th, 2013

  1. Jeff D. Peterson

    Your adventure stories would make for better reading and advertising if the clothing and gear had made in the USA on it. Eddie Bauer, just an other in a long line of United States’ companies that imports its “goods” from foreign lands.

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