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Everest Clips: Celebrating the First American Ascent of Mt. Everest
Posted on May 1, 2013


Five decades ago, on May 1st, 1963, American Jim Whittaker stepped side by side with Sherpa Nawang Gombu onto the summit of Mount Everest and became the first American to summit the world’s tallest peak. His achievement was possible due to the tireless efforts of the American Mount Everest Expedition, a half-million dollar undertaking funded by 350 sponsors that required moving 27 tons of food and equipment to base camp with the assistance of 909 porter loads as well as navigating a route through the Khumbu Ice Fall and establishing the high camps.

Led by Norman Dyhrenfurth, the Eddie-Bauer-outfitted expedition was the third ever to successfully place climbers on the summit. The success turned Whittaker into a national celebrity and elevated the stature of all six climbers who reached the summit. Hundreds now summit Everest in a single season and the camps on the mountain are a very different place, but the events of 1963 still resonate deeply throughout climbing culture and still permeate the fabric of our brand.

To revisit the pioneering steps of the AMEE expedition we’ve compiled original video footage from the first American Expedition to successfully summit Mt. Everest. As the fiftieth anniversary of this iconic American moment approaches, we celebrate the climbers who risked it all to reach the top of the world.



Author: - Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

  1. Alejandro Weldt

    Congratulations to all who at that stage reached SUMMIT, and to Eddie Bauer who fullfilled the gear needs for that team way 50 years ago. Definately a very heartfelt feeling of admiration, effort and compromise with the mountains. I allways admire mountaineers and fully enjoy anthing involved in mountains. Very much now a days with Google EARTH bringing everthing to my screen.
    I myself have been an enthusiastic hill climber, born in 1937 and lived in SEWELL, Chile inserted in the Andes Mountains, with much snow throughout winter. We climed every mountain at hand.

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