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Everest Clips: Dave Hahn on Setting the Everest Record
Posted on May 17, 2013

Eddie Bauer First Ascent guide Dave Hahn earned his 14th summit of Mt. Everest last season, pushing his streak of consecutive annual summits to eleven.  Climbing to the top once again, with calculated patience, earned this seasoned Everest guide the record for most Everest summits of any non-Sherpa. Hahn’s summit stats on big peaks such as Denali, Rainier and Vinson are also impressive, but his outlook on achievement is what really underscored the accomplishment.

“It was a slightly surreal day, as always, hanging out at 8,000 meters,” Hahn says in his characteristically understated tone. But in a season that saw avalanches, rockfall, and tragedy, and long lines of climbers on prime summit days, Hahn was called the “king of patience” for his efforts in leading the Eddie Bauer First Ascent summit team to a safe, successful summit. As we reflect on Hahn’s accomplishment last year, we also wish him good luck as he currently works his way up Everest toward the summit of the world’s tallest peak once again.

Author: - Friday, May 17th, 2013

  1. Henry Fiedler

    Hey Dave, too bad I couldn’t ski with you at Taos last year. Maybe another time. Good luck on the summit bid.

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