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Fall Outfitter Book Now Live
Posted on September 17, 2013

Download the PDF of our new Fall Outfitter Book to experience the full active charge of the four series of the Eddie Bauer brand. First Ascent, Travex, Sport Shop and Outdoor.

The new Fall Outfitter Book is now live with a focus on the four series that define the brand. it is the next progression for our brand and below is the background on the outdoor, active excitement contained in this book. 

Nine decades ago, Eddie Bauer was founded as an outdoor brand. We built gear made for the mountains, the rivers, and the wilderness. Series by series, we have returned to our roots of building premium gear designed for the landscape that resonates deep within our character. We started in 2009 with First Ascent, an entire line of award-winning ski and mountaineering gear built by a team of world-class guides and athletes. Then in 2012, we returned to our roots as outfitter and shopkeeper with Sport Shop, the most technical line of wingshooting apparel available. Next on our list was trek and travel, so we launched Travex in Spring 2013 with a focus on intelligent, adaptable gear built by our new team of global adventure travel guides. With each step forward, our efforts were rewarded with accolades and respect. And now we’ve worked to infuse that outdoor, active vibe into everything we stand for as a brand. We’ve backed up our words with action, images, stories, and product innovations straight from the heart of the outdoor experience we all live for. Even our Outdoor series is rooted in this ethic, inspired by adventure but guaranteed to perform in diverse everyday environments. The adventure is on, we’ve built the foundation, and this is truly Eddie Bauer. Read about it all in the pages of the new Fall Outfitter Book. –LYA Editor

Download the digital PDF of our Fall Outfitter Book here.

Learn more about the four Eddie Bauer series collections below:

First Ascent. Perfection through minimalism was our guide team’s goal from day one, which is why we shaved weight, bulk, and overkill to create a series equipped with every essential—but not one ounce of excess. At every stage of product development, we integrate the elements our guides demand, from function and features to the precise location of every stitch and seam, until every product passes their ultimate test. The result of these efforts lies in the 10 Best in Class awards Eddie Bauer has received for innovative designs, just four short years into our First Ascent mission.

Travex. Our exclusive series of gear and apparel. Built with our adventure travel guide team, every item is intelligently designed and readily adaptable to perform in any climate, culture, or environment. The entire series combines technical performance attributes, such as breathable, packable, easy-care fabrics with UPF sun protection and flexible active stretch to keep you completely comfortable during long days of foreign or domestic travel.

Sport ShopIn 2012, we returned to the spirit of Eddie Bauer’s original business as outfitter and guide, launching a complete line of premium hunting gear. Blending tradition and technology, our exclusive series of hunting and shooting gear is built, tested, and perfected by our team of Sport Shop guides, including renowned experts such as Michael Pepi, John Burrell, and Rebecca Etchen-Peters. The combination of integrity, legacy, and expertise is what defines Sport Shop as the toughest, most technical series of wingshooting apparel available.

Outdoor. Built with lasting quality and comfort, every piece of our outdoor apparel is guaranteed to exceed your highest standards and perform in diverse environments. Adaptable style and enduring quality are the cornerstones of our brand, and are built into each garment. Constructed for rugged lifestyles and tough daily environments, from long workdays and evening après to extended weekends, each piece in the collection is designed to thrive in the dawn-to-dusk reality of work, play, and relaxation that the pace of everyday life demands.



Author: - Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

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