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The New School of Layering: Technical Taxonomy
Posted on October 18, 2013

Layering Guide

For over a decade, outdoor brands have preached the gospel of three-layer systems. But technology evolves and so have the technical options of soft shells, hard shells, midlayers and insulators. At Eddie Bauer we’ve embraced the modern concept of a loft layer—which encompasses both our down and synthetic packable insulators—by integrating them into standard base-, mid-, and shell-layer systems for upgraded thermal versatility and adaptability. At the same time, design innovations such as our BC Microtherm, our Neoteric Jacket and our Frontpoint 2.0 have evolved beyond the lines of traditional layering definition to provide a new elevated level of comfort and versatility. The options have expanded, technology has evoloved and packable insulation has become a critical fourth component of technical systems. It is all forward progress that we have classified as The New School of Layering.

To get the word out about all the positive developments, our New School of Layering education campaign kicked off this week on our First Ascent line page, in our Eddie Bauer stores and on the Live Your Adventure blog. For those who have only seen the headline, it is our breakdown on the technical evolution of layering options that has provided a wide range of system and individualized options. In our line, we’ve categorized them into Hard ShellSoft Shell and Integrated Systems with individual technical components including down and synthetic loft layers, waterproof/breathable shell layers, soft shell options and technical fleece midlayers. To get  a sense of the expanse of technical options we’ve included our new reference guide to layering, which you will also find in our Eddie Bauer stores this month. We’re providing you with all the resources and all the options. Now, picking the best system is up to you.

Download a PDF of the full guide by clicking on the image below:



Author: - Friday, October 18th, 2013

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