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The New School of Layering: Technicality Defined
Posted on October 22, 2013

This week our New School of Layering education campaign continues on our First Ascent line page, in our Eddie Bauer stores and on the Live Your Adventure blog. For those who have only seen the headline, it is our breakdown on the technical evolution of layering options that has provided a wide range of system and individualized options. In our line, we’ve categorized them into Hard Shell, Soft Shell and Integrated Systems with individual technical components including down and synthetic loft layers, waterproof/breathable shell layers and technical fleece midlayers. In this overview, Eddie Bauer DVP of Outerwear, Active and Gear Andrew Turner boils it down to the key technical talking points about personalizing your own system with a range of layering options.

For those who need even more info, our official definition reads:

For over a decade, outdoor brands have preached the gospel of three-layer systems. But technology evolves and so do our options. We’ve embraced the modern concept of a loft layer by incorporating lightweight down or synthetic insulators into the standard base-, mid-, and shell-layer system for upgraded thermal versatility. Whether layered as added warmth, packed in reserve for mandatory warm-ups, or integrated into a stormproof shell for the coldest climates, our down or synthetic loft layer creates a fourth dimension of comfort for long days exposed to the elements. It’s our tech solution to the weather of winter.

Author: - Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

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