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Powder Highway Revisited: Wissman Gallery from Rotor Lodge
Posted on November 11, 2013

Last winter, the Eddie Bauer ski team hit the road and headed north to interior BC’s Powder Highway. Their first BC stop was in the outpost of Nakusp, where Reggie Crist slayed  big heli vertical and deep interior snow with Canadian Mountain Holidays at K2’s Rotor Lodge. Also in the flying bus was photographer Will Wissman, who captured these images of their one-week layover in heli-access paradise with the full sponsor treatment. We asked Reggie Crist to give us his unfiltered perspective on the experience of filming and shooting for National Geographic in the deep powder paradise and the images and his words are in the captions below. -LYA Editor

Leave with the Skis, K2's Rotor Lodge, Nakusp, BC

Images by Will Wissman, Captions by Reggie Crist

Top: Nakusp is famous for steep tree skiing so we figured we better go with the flow. No need to fight it. Above: The best part about checking into the K2 Rotor lodge is that everyone leaves with a new pair of skis…


Top: The village of Nakusp is only 1,569 feet above sea level however the snow pack increases significantly every 1000 feet in elevation. It’s not uncommon to have a base of over 20 feet in the heli zone by January and it just keeps on coming.

L to R: 1. After four days of storm riding the clouds brake and we get a lift into the high country, touching down for another lap of ‘widespread blower.’ 2. Nothing like kick starting your day with a mandatory double stager. Stronger than a stiff cup of coffee 3. The older I get the smarter I get- skiing around cliffs is sometime a good idea.


Above: A rare sunset along the Powder Highway is a fitting end to an amazing week with CMH in Nakusp at K2’s Rotor Lodge.

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Author: - Monday, November 11th, 2013

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