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Powder Highway Revisited: In Deep at Revelstoke
Posted on November 18, 2013

Last winter, the Eddie Bauer ski team headed north, tracking the storms through the mountains of the BC Interior on The Powder Highway. The second stop on the tour was Revelstoke, BC—a Canadian powder crossroads at the intersection of the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges. For years, skiers have migrated to these Canadian mountains for the backcountry and heli-skiing access due to its mix of massive terrain, steep peaks, and deep, light snowpacks.

But when its small, one-chair ski hill transformed into Revelstoke Mountain Resort in 2007—suddenly offering access to the largest vertical drop in North America and the world-class gnar of North Bowl—it instantly transitioned a working-class ski town into the Canadian capital of freeride.  Five years later, the town has not only attracted a new migration drawn by 5,620 feet of challenging RMR vertical, but also international fame as a seasonal stop for professional film crews and a venue for the Freeride World Tour each December.

For Eddie Bauer ripper Lexi du Pont, the mission with Stellar Media for National Geographic and The Ski Journal was not her first trip to Revelstoke. We sat down with the Poor Boyz Productions’ new girl and FWT competitor last winter in Revelstoke to get her perspective on Canada, the FWT experience, the Modern Café, and the awesomeness of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. —LYA Editor

Lexi du Pont in deep at RMR

Interview with Lexi du Pont, Images by Will Wissman

What’s one thing aside from the skiing that you really like about Canada?

One thing I really like about Canada is that everyone drives these huge trucks with these sleds on the back. And you just feel like you’re in Canada, and no matter where you go, you have to cross lakes on ferries and the roads are twisty and winding.  You’re not really sure where you’re going and then all of a sudden you come to this beautiful ski town, and it’s just like a snow globe.

What do you like most about the ski culture in Revelstoke?

I’m always drawn back to Revelstoke. The last five seasons I’ve started my season in Revelstoke.  After the holidays I head straight up here, first stop.  And the people are just so friendly.  The town is young.  It’s a super-new resort. I think it’s only been around for five years or something.

And so you show up and there are young families and great nightlife. Awesome, healthy vibes around town.  Awesome yoga, great coffee shops – it’s super-welcoming, and the snow is almost always powder snow. It’s snowing constantly up here and as you would expect, that’s pretty awesome.

What’s the most challenging trip that you’ve had up here?

I think the most challenging trip in Revelstoke for me was competing. I got on the gondola today and I instantly got nervous, just reflecting on the nerves that used to pump through me when I was competing in the FWT tour here. But it challenges everyone…that’s why they have the contest.  They bring athletes from around the world here every single season, which says something about this place.

What’s the most difficult part about filming and shooting in Revelstoke?

I think the most difficult part about filming up here for me is it’s such a new territory. I’m really used to Alaska, where there are no trees, and so to have rocks and more features is definitely appealing and challenging.  The mountains are big, top to bottom. You can see all the way to the valley floor and it’s really awesome.

What are your favorite spots in the community of Revelstoke?

One of my favorite places to go in the morning is the Modern Cafe. There are just great vibes in there and really delicious food. I like to head up on the hill for a few hours and then The Last Drop is an awesome place at night. There’s also this really cool bowling alley called The Cabin and you walk in there and it’s super-modern. They are playing ski movies on the walls and they’ve got a bar and they’ve got these tiny little bowling balls and little pins.  Full Canadian lifestyle, and the vibes in this town, in Revelstoke, are so great.

Author: - Monday, November 18th, 2013

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