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Lynsey Dyer Launches Pretty Faces Kickstarter
Posted on December 16, 2013

For the past year the ski world has been buzzing about Eddie Bauer athlete and creative force Lynsey Dyer’s all-women’s ski film project, Pretty Faces. The trailer has circulated via social media channels, Powder Magazine has run multiple articles on the project, Skiing has interviewed the aspiring filmmaker and skiing culture has been charged about finally watching an entire  ski movie that spotlights women who rip. But making a sick ski movie requires more than great footage,  strong vision and a creative concept—it requires money, backing and sponsors. And especially in the dude-heavy world of ski media, raising that cash takes ingenuity, which is why Dyer launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to turn the teaser into a feature length film for 2014.

At Eddie Bauer, we believe in Dyer’s vision and we’re solidly backing the effort. To learn how you how you can throw your own financial support behind this empowering project visit the Kickstarter link here. In true NPR meets freeski fashion, the more you pledge the more you get. Way better than a tote bag, the thank you gifts range from a Lynsey Dyer message on your voicemail at the 75 buck level or a half-day of skiing with Lynsey at the $500 threshold to a Jackson Hole day with the whole crew for a cool grand or a 3-day trip to Scott Newsome’s Eagle Pass Heli for the 8,900 Trustafarian-level donation. But, pow turns aside, the key takeaway is that this movie won’t become reality without solid support from the ski community. So get on board and make this one happen. —LYA Editor

If you haven’t seen the initial Pretty Faces trailer, we’ve included it her for your viewing pleasure.

For those who want more visual inpiration, we’ve also included a gallery of Dyer ripping pow below:

Images by Will Wissman and Garrett Grove

Lynsey Dyer pow turn in Las Lenas, Argentina




Author: - Monday, December 16th, 2013

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