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Winter Outfitter Book Now Available for Digital Download
Posted on December 27, 2013

Winter Outfitter

For two years, we’ve been publishing the Outfitter Books with deep guide-based storytelling of inspiring locations and adventurous epics from around the globe. We started by profiling the launch of First Ascent with an expedition to summit Mt. Vinson on the ice in Antarctica. Then we began following our guide and athlete team around the globe, diving into our award-winning guide-built process and featuring gear-list product laydowns inspired by how we all pack for big trips and big missions. We traced what our guide team did on their days off and where they vacationed for a little R & R. And we interviewed our world-renowned guides and athletes to understand how it all came together to build award-winning gear.

In the process we’ve highlighted the 50th anniversary of the first American ascent of Mt. Everest, launched our Sport Shop hunting and fishing line and pushed into adventure travel through epic stories from Richard Wiese, Julia Dimon, Dave Hahn and Jake Norton. We traveled to Jordan with Caroline George during the Arab Spring, skied from the summit of Mt. Waddington with Seth Waterfall and ran the Impossible Gorge of the Marble Fork with Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic. We shredded the Endless Winter in Argentina and landed big lines in Haines, Alaska with Reggie Crist.

We climbed with Mason Earle in the Northwest Territories and slayed the Washington Nines with Kyle Miller. We hunted with Michael Pepi in South Dakota and John Burrell in Argentina. Ed Viesturs showed us what was in his 8,000-meter pack and Tom Wayes told us about the bear. We traced Shakleton’s Traverse with Dave Hahn and ticked off the sixth North Face of the Alps in the Dolomites with Caroline George. Iceland, the Outback, Brazil, Norway, Zion, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Everest, Antarctica, Makalu, Mongolia, Siberia…it’s been a good run.

Now, as our entire Eddie Bauer brand has pushed forward with a powerful outdoor, active charge, the vibe of these books has filtered out into many elements of our brand and and an extensive range of our catalogs. To celebrate the  Outfitter series, we’re again making the  Winter Outfitter Book—volume 3, number 4—available for digital download to revisit the charge of the stories, athletes and products we’ve featured in this series. This time around we’ve focused on an epic ski road trip up the Powder Highway of interior BC to Revelstoke and Eagle Pass Heli with Lynsey Dyer, Wyatt Caldwell, Scott Newsome and Lexi du Pont. Download it here and enjoy. —LYA Editor

Author: - Friday, December 27th, 2013

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