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Lynsey Dyer Sticks the Landing with Pretty Faces Kickstarter
Posted on January 8, 2014

Lynsey Dyer going big for Pretty Faces at Retallack, BC

Before the holiday we announced that resident Eddie Bauer ski team ripper Lynsey Dyer was launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund Pretty Faces, her pioneering all-women’s ski movie project, with an ambitious $60K goal. The response was overwhelming and we strongly backed her vision from the beginning, but today we’re putting our dollars behind the effort and throwing down to put Dyer over the top and make this powerful concept—that could dramatically alter the landscape of women’s skiing—a reality. We’re also sending Dyer a huge high five for dreaming this idea up in the first place and will be first in line when the movie hits this fall. Who’s with us?

Make your own contribution and pick your gift at their Kickstarter project page or read the recap on the project, that we’ve pulled directly from the Pretty Faces page, below:

Pretty Faces aims to tell the story of skiing throughout a woman’s life; the story of the skier girl. Although the film will showcase females at the top of the sport, it is not limited to professional athletes. The real story is the confidence that skiing can bring forth in a female’s life, no matter where in life that person may be. This story includes the achievements on skis as well as the story of taking the path less traveled. We explore what it means to take risks and how women are doing that in many different ways.

Our essential vision (with creative license to change as we discover the documentary process) is to celebrate skiing’s impact on a multitude of phases of a women’s life: from a young girl to a working professional, pro skier or grandmother, there are unique elements connecting the female outdoor enthusiast. We want to visually identify these components as they relate to the human experience.

Dyer's creative perspective

Lynsey Dyer checking her line in BC

Top: Lynsey Dyer going big while filming for Pretty Faces at Retallack, BC. Above: Dyer checking her line at Retallack, BC. Bottom: Dyer’s creative vision. 

Photos courtesy of Unicorn Picnic Productions

Author: - Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

  1. Lynsey

    Thanks EB, Im a lucky kid to have the EB support…and not just the brand itself, we are seeing EB employees throwing down their own doe too! We’ll do ya right!!! Thanks for believing!!

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