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Eddie Bauer Introduces Technology in Action with Travex®
Posted on January 23, 2014


This week is the official launch of our Technology in Action campaign featuring Flexion™, FreeDry™, FreeCool™ and FreeShade™ technologies. As our brand has amplified its active commitment and expanded our Travex® adventure travel collection, we’ve dug deep into fibers, treatments and textile advancements to infuse our active and lifestyle fabrics with performance traits that deliver greater personal comfort in every environment. As we all start dreaming about spring trips, longer days and hot climates, the big four we’re previewing here are big news for their adaptability in varied microclimates, so we’re providing you with the 101 breakdown of what they are and what they do. —LYA Editor

TechInAction graphic


Active Stretch for All-Day Performance

A fabric formula of flexibility, wrinkle-free, breathability, and weather resistance, our proprietary stretch-woven constructions deliver dimensional stretch for all-day comfort. FlexIon fabrics are an extremely versatile, high-performance alternative to traditional fabrics when confronted with shifting temperatures, unpredictable weather, and intense environments.


Sunscreen in Your Size

Our proprietary FreeShade fabrics utilize textile construction to deliver high-degree solar protection from intense summer rays. Blocking sun with a UPF rating ranging from 15 to 50+, FreeShade prevents the burn by acting as a material barrier to harmful rays. We subject every FreeShade garment to rigorous testing—the equivalent of two years of regular use. Forty home launderings. One hundred hours of exposure to sunlight. Only then do we set  the UPF rating, to guarantee the results are real and sustainable.


Wicks Moisture, Dries Faster

Our proprietary FreeDry fabrics use cutting-edge performance—featuring natural and synthetic fibers—to deliver the most efficient combination of wicking moisture away from the body to the garment surface, and rapid drying to maintain optimal comfort while active.


Stay Cool, When Hot

Our proprietary FreeCool fabrics stay cool and breathable in the warmest conditions with lightweight yarn blends and unique textile construction

Learn more about the technologies and get your Travex® here.

Or see them in action in the gallery preview from our Canary Islands trip this past fall:


Author: - Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

  1. Celia Murray

    What was someone thinking to have four kayakers on page 4 and 5 of the season of adventure catalogue paddling in open ocean with rock cliffs behind NOT wearing PFD’s? No serious sea kayaker who has had even basic training is going regard this with respect – as I suspect your kayak guides told you and some marketing flak ignored.

  2. william c mayberry

    What exactly is travex…It sounds like a fabric that is primarily made fro bullshitium….

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