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Gear Report: Travex Defined
Posted on February 25, 2014

As we move into adventure travel season, our Eddie Bauer Travex® line has moved to the forefront of our product selection. But what is Travex®? The short answer is that it’s our exclusive line of gear made for trek and travel that our adventure guide team has built and tested in locations around the globe from Nepal and Papua New Guinea to Kilimanjaro and the Canary Islands. For the complete definition, we tracked down Eddie Bauer DVP of technical product, Andrew Turner, for his high-level breakdown.  This is his straightforward overview of our expanded adventure travel line and the technology that makes it perfect to pack on your next mission. —LYA Editor

Check out the full line of Travex gear here.




Author: - Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

  1. Trish Sebastian

    I love Eddie Bauer and it boggles me why not more people do. I love the outdoors and adventure, but I’m also a traveler. I’ve been curious about the new Eddie Bauer footwear and Travex line. I’m will be in the Alps (Swiss and French both) in July and was wondering if there’s any chance I could test some gear out, and provide written reports and photographs (much like what you do here), of course. I’m a female and an avid adventurer which means I fall in the tip of that bell curve you might be trying to appeal to with this line. Let me know.

  2. Eddie Bauer Social

    Hey Trish. We’ll shoot you an email.

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