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Andy Mahre is Back in the Game
Posted on April 11, 2014

Andy Mahre, compression testing the MCL

With his ties to Nimbus Independent, his local skiing roots, and his superfluid style, Andy Mahre has long been a progressive force in skiing. So we were completely pumped when Andy joined the Eddie Bauer ski team back in January. Unfortunately, his first trip out of the gate for us to Japan with Lexi du Pont and Poor Boyz Productions landed him on injured reserve. But luckily for The Mayor, the comeback was quicker than initially anticipated. Mahre spent the past three months getting strong rehabbing the knee, and now he is back in the game with a few weeks left to go in the ski season. He checked in with this report. —LYA Editor

Andy Mahre, rocking out at White Pass

Words and Images by Andy Mahre

This season has been an interesting one for me.  Weather-wise, things started out pretty slow.  I got in some good early-season days, skiing and shooting photos around the Pacific Northwest, both north and south of the international border.  In January, I traveled to Japan to film with Poor Boyz Productions for their twentieth anniversary ski movie.  This is where things went from good to not so ideal for me.  I made a mistake in a zone filled with cliffs and pillows, and ended up sending myself to the doctor.  The air I took was twice the size of what I had planned, and the landing was less than ideal.  My knee and chin clashed together, which required a few stitches, and I tore my MCL in the same knee.  This mishap made me fly home about halfway through our trip to get my medical needs sorted out.

Luckily, the damage wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t need any surgery, just time and rehabilitation to get me back on my feet.  A majority of my downtime was spent at physical therapy, or doing exercises and stretching from the comfort of my own floor.  When the day came that I could ride my mountain bike and walk outside rather than on a stationary bike and treadmill, I was ecstatic.  It was just over six weeks, but I was more than ready.  At the same time, I was able to slide around on my skis a bit.

I’m now nearing the three-month mark since my injury, and I’ve made a lot of improvements.  I’m able to push myself a little more every few days, and continue to rebuild confidence in my wounded knee.  I still have a ways to go to be back to normal, but I’ve got a lot to keep me busy and sane while doing so.  I got myself a fairly nice camera last year, and I’ve been spending some time playing around with it, from shooting scenic photos to action portraits of myself.  It’s been a fun challenge so far, along with a great way to get the exercise I need, at my own pace.  I’m looking to get back to working this month, and I’m excited for that to happen.  Bring on the late-season powder!

In the PNW trees

Author: - Friday, April 11th, 2014

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