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Expedition Rewind: Vinson Massif
Posted on November 24, 2014

Ed Viesturs climbing through minus 60 temps toward the summit of Vinson Massif

A celebration of Five Years of First Ascent only feels right with the inclusion of our top 10 (out of 53) expeditions. We are recapping the best of the best, and we couldn’t keep First Ascent’s journey to Mt. Vinson, Antarctica off our list. The First Ascent alpine team—Peter Whittaker, Ed Viesturs, Seth Waterfall, Jake Norton, and Caroline George—traveled to Union Glacier Camp in Antarctica to repeat a historic Eddie Bauer-outfitted expedition ascent of the highest peak on the world’s coldest continent.

Caroline George reflects on the deafening silence in Antarctica

“The route made a sharp right-hand turn, and began climbing steeply toward the summit. The temperature dropped to about -30 degrees Celsius on the summit ridge, and then the wind really picked up. Ed Viesturs agreed that it was the coldest summit day in his memory.” But it was worth it at the top, Jake Norton continued, “To gaze out from the summit at the jagged peaks of the Ellsworth Mountains, which eventually yield and give way to a vast sea of glacier, is simply beyond words. We spent a few minutes on top, taking pictures, congratulating one another, and of course pulling out the 1966 Alaska Flag for its final foray on the summit of Vinson.”

Peter Whittaker climbing on the Branscomb Glacier

After following the historical Eddie Bauer footsteps to the top, the all-star guide team put up first ascent after first ascent while waiting for the weather to clear at Union Glacier Camp. Find the entire expedition report at and watch the recap in the Expedition Rewind video below.

Jake Norton dispatches from Antarctica in 2011

Five years ago we had a mission: draw on our brand’s heritage of technical innovation and alpine exploration to launch Eddie Bauer First Ascent and set a new standard for gear in the alpine realm. Five years after First Ascent launched, our record speaks volumes: 13 industry best-in-class awards, 53 pioneering testing expeditions, and a series of innovative technical gear that has enabled personal adventures, big and small, around the globe. For the month of November we’ve be profiling the First Ascent effort on Instagram, on the Live Your Adventure blog, at and with our YouTube playlist. Tomorrow is the last day of the Five Years campaign, thanks to all who made it possible.

Author: - Monday, November 24th, 2014

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