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Reggie Crist Shares Big Line Wisdom for Skiing Haines, Alaska
Posted on March 24, 2015

It feels good to be back. Lexi du Pont charging her first aerial shot of the season on a return trip for the rising big line star.

Reggie Crist is widely regarded as a master of Alaskan spines. From his days filming in the steep, consequential terrain of the Chilkat Range to his current work as a respected steep skiing guide for SEABA Heli, he has earned a deep knowledge of skiing some of the steepest, stacked terrain on the planet. This month we sent Eddie Bauer ski teammates Lexi du Pont and KC Deane to Haines for some big line hunting and for an education on skiing this stellar terrain from the master himself during opening week in Haines. Hot on the heels of the Freeride World Tour stop in Reggie’s Chilkat Range neighborhood, this is the report on what went down before the media circus came to town. —LYA Editor

KC Deane getting his first peek at an Alaskan line. Photo: Stellar Media

Words by Reggie Crist, Images by Will Wissman/Stellar Media, Bottom image by Lexi du Pont

Haines, Alaska, is where the road ends, and the mountains and the ocean collide. Sheltered by the highest coastal range in the world, heli-skiers migrate to this special location from all corners of the globe.

I’ve been migrating here for years to ski and to guide, but this year I have had the pleasure of kicking off the season with a solid crew of Eddie Bauer athletes, including KC Deane and Lexi du Pont, as well as the Stellar Media crew, led by Will Wissman and Yancy Caldwell.


Indications of a stable snowpack allow us to quickly work our way onto the steeps. Peering over the edge, I attempt to quell the butterflies in my stomach, as I take solace in knowing that this is a familiar feeling that I have been fortunate to experience in Alaska every year for nearly two decades.

On the other end of the spectrum, KC Deane stares down the barrel of his first Alaskan descent. KC has been skiing low-angle waist-deep powder in Japan for over a month, but we are both feeling the same intimidation that radiates from these Alaskan peaks. Then Lexi places her tips over the precipice and steals the words out of my mouth: “It always takes time to readjust your eyeballs to this place!” Never mind the previous 100-plus days of skiing—for that was merely a warm-up leading to this critical moment in time, the start of the Alaskan heli-ski season. Game on! Here we go…

The master himself, Reggie Crist guiding the young guns big-line hunting in Haines. iPhoto: Lexi du Pont

Stay tuned for more updates from Haines, Alaska, as the EB Team lays down tracks in the Chilkat Range or check out the team’s iPhotos from the trip at #HainesUnfiltered on Twitter and Instagram.

Author: - Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

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