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Gear Report: Travex Voyager Blazer Takes a Bonefishing Trip
Posted on March 26, 2015

Galbraith reaping the bone fishing rewards of the travel

The Flyfish Journal publisher Jeff Galbraith is a big fan of our Sport Shop gear. This we know because every few months he reaches out to us—not just with a preview of his next fishing trip or hunting mission—but also with word that he has his eye on a piece of our new gear. As the publisher of the highest-quality fishing mag in the business, his gear closet is well-stocked. So we consider it a compliment and a testament to our guide-built design philosophy that he gives our Sport Shop line high marks. What surprised us last month was that the gear he had his eye on was a Travex Voyager II Travel Blazer for the en route portion of his annual BahamaCon bonefishing migration to South Andros Island. In his first Travex gear report, Galbraith explains why a breathable, soft shell blazer was a critical piece of his bonefishing travel kit. —LYA Editor

The reason for the journey: Endless flats on South Andros

Words by Jeff Galbraith, Photos by Flip McCririck

Each year we take our staff of The Flyfish Journal out to Deneki’s Andros South bonefishing lodge in the Bahamas to regroup, talk about the upcoming year, and mostly to chase the most plentiful bones on the planet. With a seemingly endless series of flats, lagoons, lakes, ponds and blue holes, the backcountry of South Andros is a total paradise for bonefishermen.

Traveling in style with the Travex Voyager Blazer and aiming for an upgrade.

While traveling from Bellingham, WA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL is no small domestic jaunt, the destination merits it. After decades of traveling in standard shirt and jeans uniform, I’ve made it a point to fly in a sport coat these last few years, and have found the difference in customer service to be dramatically better when standing out from the regrettably contemporary American steez of fanny packs and jean shorts. With ample pockets, great venting and good looks, the Voyager II can handle both tropical heat and overbooked flights into Miami International.

And with bones that may well have never seen a fly, as well as barracuda and the occasional tarpon and permit, South Andros is worth the airtime. Remaining largely unspoiled since legendary pirate Henry Morgan arrived in the early 1700s, visiting is like stepping back into another Caribbean era. With guides who’ve spent a lifetime chasing bones, and more fish per square mile than anywhere in the Atlantic, don’t delay. Book the trip of a lifetime to Andros South lodge today. It’s a much better way to spend March than tying more nymphs you know you don’t need.

The Flyfish Journal publisher Jeff Galbraith looking sporty en route to bonefishing paradise.

Read more about The Flyfish Journal’s Annual Bonefishing Trip, BahamaCon 15, at the FFJ Tailgate blog.

Author: - Thursday, March 26th, 2015

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