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Lexi du Pont wins Ski Week; Lynsey Dyer Gallery from Revelstoke
Posted on April 3, 2015

KC Deane finding some spring pow during a thin year in interior BC. P: Lynsey Dyer

The Eddie Bauer ski team spent an entire week earlier this month at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Eagle Pass Heli, shredding corn, flying in helicopters, hitting extremely tiny kickers, engaging in Canadian après, and just generally reveling in the fun of our inaugural Eddie Bauer ski week. Part spring ski trip, part professional shoot, ski week turned the serious vibe of most pro trips into a celebratory chance for the stacked roster of our team to connect, shred, and just hang out in a great spring ski destination.

With seven professional athletes, a team manager, a writer, a filmer and a photographer in attendance, it was also a fierce competition, with points awarded for random events such as cat-track race victories (by Andy Mahre), photo-of-the-day posts (by Lynsey Dyer), and backflips attempted with the young shredders of Revelstoke (by KC Deane). But Lexi du Pont came away the unofficial winner by tallying a paragliding flight over Revelstoke Mountain Resort, picking up a heavy après tab at the Rockford Grill and surviving a frightening tumble down the Sickle Couloir in the Monashees unscathed—but capturing it on her GoPro. She parlayed her victory into two more fun-filled weeks in residence in Canada’s epicenter of freeride.

The full story will be told this fall in a video webisode series, but for the behind-the-scenes recap, we asked Lynsey Dyer for her images, du Pont for her GoPro Footage and captured quick interviews with Lexi du Pont and Wyatt Caldwell regarding what went down in Revelstoke a few weeks back. —LYA Editor

All photos by Lynsey Dyer

Interview with Lexi du Pont

What was the best part of Eddie Bauer ski week?

Ski week was super-fun. I really enjoyed paragliding off the top of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It was really thrilling. I think I screamed the whole way down. The views from up high, just getting a bird’s-eye view of the resort, was really fun.

Lynsey Dyer reaping the benefits of creative vision and time in the mountains.

What made ski week different than another trip or photo shoot?

We all get to travel all over the world and do all sorts of crazy things, but it’s really a privilege to all come here to Revelstoke to get to hang out for Eddie Bauer ski week. These are some amazing athletes. Everyone has something different and diverse to bring to the table, so to collaborate and to get together is really fun.

What was the craziest moment of ski week?

I hate laughing when other people get hurt, but when I watched KC Deane do that backflip off that jump and over-rotate to his back, it was pretty entertaining. And just rooming with all the other athletes, we’ve had some pretty funny moments—it’s not very often that we all sleep in one bedroom. Snoring, putting in earplugs, getting really close and comfortable with your teammates has been really fun.


What do you hope to see in next year’s ski week?

I’m really excited that this is a new event. And to be able to do it every year from now on is really awesome. Hanging out with my teammates again, hopefully getting some more snow next year and hopefully skiing some powder. I enjoy every adventure Eddie Bauer throws at us—this year we got to go paragliding and fly in helicopters—who knows what we’ll be up to, so it’s pretty exciting.

How do you stay positive when faced with less than ideal snow conditions?

This is a fully-weather dependent sport. Sometimes you are lucky with lots of powder and great conditions and other times you’re not, and you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt.

We’ve definitely made the best of this week, even though the conditions weren’t there. We just bombed around with a bunch of local kids, got to hit all the jump lines. We got to go paragliding off the top of the mountain. We got to do some really strong après and get our suntan going. But most of all, it’s always about the people you are with. Even if there are good conditions, you could be with a bad group of people—or just not the right group—but we’re a team and we love and care for each other, so it’s really great to hang out.

Guide's line, follow me. Riding off into the sunset at Eagle Pass. Photo: Lynsey Dyer

Interview with Wyatt Caldwell

What was the best thing about Eddie Bauer ski week?

Eddie Bauer ski week was a blast. The conditions in Revelstoke, despite the lack of powder, have been great slush conditions. Top to bottom runs of five thousand vert, just ripping with the youngsters. We usually don’t get much spring skiing if we’re up in Canada, so it’s been rad to ride with some of my teammates and shred the slush. It was my first time riding with KC and Andy Mahre, so it was really rad to see the team in full force.

So just getting the whole gang together and firing off some five thousand vert runs couldn’t have been more fun.

What was the craziest moment of ski week?

The craziest moment of ski week was definitely watching Lexi launch off the top with the tandem paraglider, watching them catch a few thermals and hover right in front of us before they dropped out of sight. You could hear her screaming from across the valley.

How do you deal with less than ideal conditions in a profession dependent on weather?

We all like to ski powder but if there is no powder, embrace what you have. We’ve all been riding slush and making lemonade out of lemons.


See more pictures of Eddie Bauer Ski Week in Revelstoke and at Eagle Pass Heli with the hashtag #ShredwithEd on the Eddie Bauer Instagram and twitter feeds.

Author: - Friday, April 3rd, 2015

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